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SVABC Grievance Resolution Process

                  The Grievance Resolution process has been put in place in an effort to address any complaint filed against the SVABC in a fair, impartial and objective manner. It is our goal as the SVABC to protect and guide all student athletes and coaches while providing them a safe and fair environment to participate in sports at the middle school level.

                  Please note that all concerns and/or complaints should FIRST go to the coach directly associated with the sport in concern. There should be a wait period of 24hours.  If this does not resolve the situation, the concern should then be taken to the commissioner of the sport (if there is one in place.)  If this still does not resolve the issue, then and only then should the issue be taken to the SVABC Board. All concerns must be submitted in writing and emailed to .

                  Once a concern has been received by the SVABC Board, it will be reviewed and investigated.  At this time, you will be notified by the SVABC Board as to our plan of action to resolve the grievance.  The SVABC Board reserves a two week period for processing.