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Elizabethtown Rugby Club

General Information


Rugby is recognized as one of the world’s “ultimate” team sports.  Every player runs with the ball, every player passes, every player tackles and every player has an opportunity to score.  There are many intricacies to the game that must be learned over time.  However, after learning the basics in addition to the most important aspect of being successful at rugby “the desire to be a part of a team,” the rest will fall into place.  Athletes of all sizes and athletic abilities can be great rugby players and can contribute to the success of a rugby team. 

Elizabethtown Rugby Club will participate in a competitive 15s season this spring.  The governing body for youth rugby in PA is:


RugbyPA is recognized by USA Rugby which governs all rugby throughout the country in compliance with international rugby standards.

USA Rugby information (including youth) can be found at the following link:


Please select the link for the appropriate team depending on the age of the player for more information.




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kenny Burke: