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Youth Sport Equipment Assistance

In my opinion,  Youth sports is one of greatest tool we have in today’s society to help children develop positive character traits and life values..  No other place affords them the opportunity to soak up as many quality values as sports participation provides.  However, due to higher prices and seemingly limitless equipment options could be a burden for any parent.

For example, Youth baseball and softball seasons are opening across the United States. It is a time for youngsters to field grounders and work on their swings while their parents determine whether they need to take out a home-equity loan before heading to the sporting goods store.  In our day, you typically showed up at the field with a  glove and  received a hammy down uniform  and shared a helmet.

This is why we at Warwick Adult League have decided to create a fund to help parents in need  of a little assistance to help offset this cost of youth sport equipment.  All you’ll need to do is email us to let us know what sport your child is in and an address.  “No questions asked” We will send out a giftcard on behave of the league.  
Please note this is a grassroots program and we only have so many gift cards.