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7 Innings or 60 mins.

All Players needed to be lined up on the line closest to them before the start and end of the game,  to slap hands of the opposite team ..


1.     Ten defensive players are allowed on the field: Pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, right fielder, center fielder, left fielder, and the extra player (commonly known as the rover and often used as a fourth outfielder). 

2.     Each team must play with a minimum of 4 female players on the field at all times. The catcher position can be included in the 4 female player requirement. 

3.     Every team must have a minimum of 8 players on the field at all time. 

4.     If 8 players are not on the field then an automatic out is given at the 9th kicker spot. 

5.     If there are fewer than 7 players, a forfeit is given. (you can borrow from other teams.)

6.     Team rosters should have 13 or more players 

The Pitcher

1.     The pitcher must start the act of pitching within at least one foot of the pitching mound and must have at least one foot on or directly behind the pitching strip when releasing the ball. No part of the pitcher’s foot may be in front of or across the front edge of the pitching strip. 

2.     Balls must be pitched underhand.  

3.     The pitcher’s mound is set 50 feet away from home plate.

The Pitch

The strike zone is 12 inches beyond the right and left side of home plate as well as 12 inches beyond the home plate (towards the catcher) and up to 12 inches above the ground within the same dimensions. If the ball is higher than 12 inches from the ground or more than 12 inches away from the plate, it is considered a ball. 

1.     Any pitch that falls short of the home plate and does not cross home plate is considered a ball. 

2.     Intentional walking is not allowed.


Bunting is allow. The ball needs to cross over the bunt-line untouched to be consider in fair ball. However, if touched by the defense before hand – ball is considered still in fair play.

1.     Team line-up must be established at the beginning of each game. 

2.     All kicks must be made by the foot or leg, below the knee. Any ball touched below the knee is a kick. 

3.     All kicks must occur at or behind the home plate LINE.  If foot crosses the line, it will be called a foul..

4.     A count of 3 strikes is an out. Foul balls are counted as strikes. 

5.     A count of 4 balls is considered a walk. 

6.     Any kick landing in fair territory but traveling out of bounds before reaching the 1st or third baseline is considered foul.

7.     Any kicked ball that is caught in fair or foul territory is considered out.    

Base Runners

Balls thrown over a base, and out of play- players have the option of advancing ONLY one base.

1.     A runner touched by a ball while not on a base at any time is considered an out. 

2.     Runners must stay within the base line. Any runner outside the base line will be called out. Fielders must stay out of the base line. 

3.    Stealing (advancing to the next base) is not allowed if the pitch is not kicked. Any runner who is off their base before the ball is kicked will be called out. 

4.     Hitting a runner above the shoulder level is not allowed, except when the runner is sliding. Runners intentionally using their head to block or deflect the ball will be called out, if so called by the Referee. 

Ties & Forfeits 

1.     If a tie occurs after the last inning or the time limit, teams may continue play for an additional 10 minutes until one scores more runs in their half of the inning before the third out is made. 

2.     If a game is forfeited — due to the failure of a team to show up, a refusal to play, or not having enough players to start — the score will be recorded as 7-0 in favor of the team that did not cause the forfeit.       

Umpires Guidelines  as the final say. If there is a dispute- it is up to the captain to address the call.

Umpires will use the rules that were previously stated and these additional ones below.

1.     Umpire will use a coin to flip before each game to determine who is the home team and who is the visiting team.

2.     Umpires will use the following signal for an OUT and a STRIKE: Lifting their right arm up in the air. 

3.     Umpires will be the official timekeepers and will give a 15 minute warning to show the 45 minute time is coming to an end. 

4.     Any base runner who initiates contact with the catcher at home plate will be ejected from the game


FINAL RULE:  “Its only kickball!” have fun, meet new people and don’t be an Ass. Lol