Meeting called to order 7 P.M. by Amy

  1. Copies of Agenda passed out to all attendees.
  2. Discussion regarding discount for extra family member registrations ($25). Motion to approve minutes, Joyce, second Lenny. All approved.
  3. Discussion on roster – looking for more coaches. Some people cannot commit at this time.  Asking for help in rounding up more volunteers and helpers.  5/6 and 7/8 need help.
    1. Tentative schedule for next meeting March 21st – will be just before scheduling meeting, should have a good idea on membership by then hopefully.
  4. Asking for volunteers for Sokol's and Dicks Sporting Goods (March 5/6) and QES Fun Fair Sat March 19th.
  5. Problems with link to our site.  Work with Admin Support to resolve.
  6. Sponsorship – shirts instead of water bottles.  Discussion regarding what we can do for the sponsors. Framed picture with signatures for the season.
  7. Pray60 – not making a formal policy, but we recognize that families have commitments and will to the best of our abilities refrain from scheduling things on Sunday.
  8. Branding tag line – contest open to kids for ideas with prizes. John motion, Lenny 2nd, all in favor.
    1. Mission statement from charter – Amy motion, Joyce 2nd, all in favor.
    2. Logo – No change.
  9. Game scheduling meeting Wed. March 23rd.  Start season on April 4th (weather and fields permitting). Have approximately 18-21 games (except for Memorial Day and June 25 for graduation).
    1. For registration, say that late registrants may not have a spot on the roster. “Close Registration” March 21st.
    2. Policy on Away Tournaments – Discussion held. Players must register. Charge fees? Tabled until next month.
  10. Apparel – Equipment and storage space discussed.  5x5 shed possible for $300.  Adam offered to allow use of space in his yard for the shed.  For right now, equipment will remain where it is.  Purchase tabled until next month.
    1. Pinnies for K-2, Jerseys/shorts for the rest – all can keep. Need a formal quote and proofs.  Motion by Frank, second by Lenny, all in favor.
  11. New Business:

Playing A/B Sundays.  Coaches need to discuss. Sunday April 3rd, Coaching clinic – free, 2 hrs. Discussion on making it mandatory for coaches. March 21st discuss the NCAA bus trip to Philly for the May 28th tournament.


Meeting adjourned at 8:53


Next meeting will be March 21st.