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NCJLA Webmaster Job Posting- send letter of interest, resume & hourly rate to  closes 5.20.2021

August 2021

Adobe PDF file 08.16.2021 Club Action Item Email 

May 2021

Adobe PDF file 05.26.2021 NCJLA Votes to form Advisory Committee.pdf 

Adobe PDF file 05.25.2021 Summer Lacrosse Camps.pdf

Adobe PDF file 05.20.2021 NCJLA Summer Workshop- RSVP Form and Topic Survey- June 12.pdf


April 2021

Adobe PDF file 04.24.2021 Club Action Item Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file04.07.2021 Summary of last nights Club President Meeting.pdf 

Adobe PDF file 4.6.2021 Club President Meeting Slide Deck.pdf


March 2021‚Äč

NCJLA Board of Directors President Posting- send letter of insterest & resume to  , open until filled


Adobe PDF file03.31.2021 Club President Meeting April 6.pdf

Adobe PDF file 03.13.2021 COVID-19 Game Protocols Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file 3.13.2021 Email to Schedulers of Registered Teams.pdf

Adobe PDF file 03.03.2021 Sports Engine Migration.pdf

Adobe PDF file 03.03.2021 Action Items from Club President Meeting.pdf 

Adobe PDF file  03.02.2021 Club President Meeting Presentation

Adobe PDF file 03.02.2021 Club President Meeting.pdf 


February 2021

Adobe PDF file 02.24.2021 Interpretation of CDPH.pdf

Adobe PDF file 02.20.2021 Review of CDPH.pdf

Adobe PDF file 02.18.2021 USL Membership and Insurance Updates.pdf

Adobe PDF file 02.13.2021 Nation Academy of Athletics.pdf

Adobe PDF file 02.12.2021 Upcoming Meeting Reminders.pdf

Adobe PDF file US Lacrosse - NCJLA Club Insurance and Membership Updates recording

Adobe PDF file02.09.2021 Feb_Mar Club Action Items.pdf

Adobe PDF file 2.1.2021 Season Operations Plan- Pick Up Games & Celebrate Lax Tournament V2.1.2021


December 2020

Adobe PDF file 12.21.2020 Email Blast to Club Leaders.pdf 

 12.15.2020 Club President Roundtable Meeting (video)

Adobe PDF file 12.11.2020 Club Roundtable Meeting.pdf


November 2020

Adobe PDF file 11.30.2020 Scheduling Materials.pdf

Adobe PDF file11.20.2020 Official Notice for NCJLA Club Vote.pdf

Adobe PDF file 11.8.2020 NCJLA Safety Manager Training.pdf

 11.8.2020 NCJLA Safety Manager Training Video

Adobe PDF file 11.2.2020 Club Leader Action Item Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file 11.02.2020 North West Region Meeting Notes.pdf


October 2020

Adobe PDF file 10.28.2020 North East and South East Region Meeting Notes.pdf

Adobe PDF file 10.28.2020 Central West Region Meeting Notes.pdf 

Adobe PDF file 10.26.2020 South West Region Meeting Notes.pdf

Adobe PDF file 10.12.2020 Girls and Boys Rep Webinar Reminder.pdf

Adobe PDF file 10.11.2020 Amazon Smile Prime DEALS.pdf

Adobe PDF file 10.05.2020 Club Leader Action Item Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file 10.01.2020 Club Email Announcements.pdf


September 2020

Adobe PDF file 9.24.2020 NCJLA Scholarships and Financial Aid Presentation.pdf

Adobe PDF file09.04.2020 Message from NCJLA President.pdf 


August 2020

Adobe PDF file 8.28.2020 Delegates Meeting Official Notice

Adobe PDF file 8.13.2020 Club Action Item Email

Adobe PDF file 8.13.2020 NCJLA Club President or Delegate Consent to Electronic Meeting Form


July 2020

Adobe PDF file 7.2.2020 Club Action Item Email Blast


June 2020 

Adobe PDF file06.23.2020 Survey_USL Girls Rules.pdf

Adobe PDF file 6.15.2020 Email Follow Up from 2020 NCJLA Virtual Summer Workshop and Sign Up for Sub-Committee No Later than June 25th

Adobe PDF file 2020 NCJLA Summer Workshop Instructions and Meeting Links

Adobe PDF file Draft NCJLA 5 Year Strategic Plan


May 2020

Adobe PDF fileMay_June 2020 NCJLA Rep Newsletter.pdf


April 2020

Adobe PDF fileApril_May 2020 NCJLA Rep Newsletter.pdf

Adobe PDF file4.24.2020 NCJLA Play Days Survey Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file How Team Registration Fees Are Used Each Season.pdf

Adobe PDF file Message to Club Presidents and Treasurers Regarding 2020 Season Modifications and Payments


March 2020

Adobe PDF file 3.30.2020 NCJLA Season Intermission Lacrosse Activity Guides.pdf

Adobe PDF file03.25.2020 Sports League Management Software.pdf

Adobe PDF file03.23.2020 COVID 19 Message to Club Treasurers.pdf

Adobe PDF file 3.19.2020 Season Modifications Due to COVID19 Notice to Club Leaders.pdf

Adobe PDF file 3.6.2020 Club Action Item Email

Adobe PDF file 3.6.2020 NCJLA Health and Safety Notice Regarding Coronavirus


February 2020

Adobe PDF file 02.04.2020 Game Change Form and 8U Scheduling.pdf

Adobe PDF file 02.04.2020 NCJLA Coach Certifications.pdf


January 2020

Adobe PDF file 01.21.2020 NCJLA Scheduling Is Closed.pdf

Adobe PDF file 01.13.2020 Play Day RSVPs Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file 01.13.2020_Club_Action_Items_Email.pdf

Adobe PDF file 01.07.2020 Coach Rules Test Email.pdf


December 2019

Adobe PDF file 12.30.2019 Email to Schedulers with Instructions on How to Find Their Field Sub-site Names

Adobe PDF file 12.16.2019 Email to Schedulers- Follow Up Instructions After Scheduling Meeting

Adobe PDF file 12.12.2019 2020 Scheduling Meeting Information- Know Before You Go email

Adobe PDF file  12.6.2019 Club Action Item Email to Club Leaders.pdf

Adobe PDF file  12.2.2019 Scheduling Access and Due Dates Email.pdf


November 2019

Adobe PDF file  11.12.2019 Action Item Email to Club Leaders.pdf


October 2019

Adobe PDF file 10.2019 Action Item Email to Club leaders.pdf