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Team Practice
Our team practices focus on three core elements; skills, concepts, and strategies. All team practices are strategically designed to help our players prepare for each weekend of competition. Our weekly practice sessions have a progressive theme that keeps our players excited throughout the season. Our staff takes a complete approach to identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, so we continuously improve upon our teams’ performance levels.

Individual Skills Training
Our individual skill training is designed to help players improve upon their own specific individual needs as a player.  We identify player’s strengths and help them understand how this creates maximum effectiveness in a game, while minimizing weaknesses by understanding how they can be exposed in a game.  Each player will have the opportunity to focus on their individual needs, so their personal growth is maintained throughout the year.  We believe that our “Player Centered” approach is a key development component in our teams’ on ice success.

Travel Accommodations
Each team will travel together and have an organized and structured travel plan. Players and parents will receive monthly travel itineraries so they can plan their weeks accordingly.  *Does not include air fare to tournaments and showcases. 

Professional Strength & Conditioning Program
Our strength & conditioning program is designed to maximize our players in-season preparation with the most efficient training methods to improve hockey performance and strength. Additionally, The Elite Hockey Program staff customizes programs to maximize speed, quickness, power, strength and stability. The combination of strength training on and off the ice develops our player’s game and prepares them to handle the physical demands of hockey.  The program is designed to set new standards of performance for each player’s extended career on the ice.

Weekly Video Analysis
By providing immediate visual feedback to our players, we can ensure a healthy growth mindset throughout the season. Our staff uses several strategies that help our players receive the video coaching they need. Some of these include team and individual analysis, which is conveniently stored in our video library for players to be able to access at any time. This is one of the best strategies to help each player with team and individual self-analysis.  

Baseline Testing
Our program’s baseline testing protocol is designed to help us measure key elements of performance, which include balanced strength, powerful endurance, body mobility and critical thinking. Once we have a baseline measurement established, our individually tailored training protocols help address our player’s specific needs for improvement. Our staff runs on and off-ice performance testing 3x a season to ensure our student-athletes are always aware of their progression. This feedback provides our staff and players with a wealth of information to monitor our players progress.  


More Information: Should you like more information please contact Peter Alden, General Manager, at (203) 444-7634 or email: aaa.com