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25. NCJLA Special Events and 10U-8U Jamborees

Due to the uncertain nature of the COVID19 pandemic the NCJLA Board of Directors approved suspending in-person workshops and jamborees for the 2021 season. Club leaders may still request that virtual workshops be offered.

Special Events

Each year the NCJLA Board of Directors considers special events to offer to the membership to help grow the sport of lacrosse. These events are presented at the annual Delegates Meeting in September.

US Lacrosse Coaches Education Clinics:  The NCJLA coordinates USL Level 1, 2 and 3 clinics for the NorCal region and announces the dates at the Delegates meeting in September. Clinics are offered in December, January and February so that coaches have enough time to complete in order to meet the certification deadlines. To register please visit www.uslacrosse.org or email execdirector@ncjla.org.

Positive Coaching Alliance Workshops: Clubs wishing to host an in person PCA workshop should email execdirector@ncjla.org by October 1st of each year.

NorCal Coaches Convention: In partnership with the NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse the NCJLA has sponsored a coaches education event in early January. This event is not offered every year, interested coaches should contact president@norcalchapterusl.org for more information.

Additional Play Days: when needed the NCJLA helps to facilitate play for teams that have more than a 2 hour travel time to the next team. The NCJLA will secure a neutral site that is centrally located for teams to schedule games. This is typically needed for the Boys and Girls high school division.

10U and 8U Jamborees: NCJLA hosted, 1 day lacrosse tournament. Designed to facilitate playing opportunities, support club leaders wanting to grow the game and to educate parent volunteers.

(New)Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Workshops: The NCJLA coordinates various workshops aimed at providing education opportunities to coaches and club leaders focused on diversity, inclusion and equity. Topics include but not limited to: addressing racism, restorative justice best practices, coaching players with intellectual disabilities, coaching players who have experienced trauma or abuse. To request a specific workshop be held please email .

NCJLA 10U and 8U Jamborees

The NCJLA recognizes that fostering the growth of the 8U and 10U teams is critical to a club’s success at the older age levels. The NCJLA coordinates regional jamborees to help facilitate play for these younger players and their families.

Jamborees are supplemental events offered by the NCJLA that teams must register for separately from the regular season team registration. There is a separate fee to participate that covers the cost of the event and the officials fees (if applicable). Teams from outside the NCJLA geographic area are allowed to attend if they comply with the NCJLA roster, US Lacrosse membership and age eligibility requirements. NCJLA member clubs must first register their team for the season and then register for the jamboree(s) that they wish to attend.

First Saturday in October: Jamboree Registration Opens

Second Saturday in January: Jamboree Registration Closes

First Sunday in February: All teams receive their jamboree schedules

  • Late registration is allowed if space is available but game amounts are not guaranteed. Email execdirector@ncjla.org for the link and instructions.

Clubs are encouraged to travel to a jamboree outside their typical away game sites to play different opponents. Registered teams can opt to play 1-3 games in a day at the time of registration. Once registered, teams can see other teams registered and request any specific matchups.

If your club wishes to host an NCJLA Jamboree please email execdirector@ncjla.org.

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