MARA COLTS Football is a non-profit organization that provides life enriching athletic opportunities to children. . MARA COLTS FOOTBALL makes a positive difference in the lives of youth in our community.

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There are a number of things that you should know and can do, as you and your child prepare for the football season.


  1. It’s HOT in August.  You’ll do yourself and your child a favor by preparing them mentally and physically for the heat in August.  Practice takes place in the evening but it is still hot and many players (especially 1st year ones) have a hard time with it.   Talk with your child about the heat and have them play outside A LOT during the summer in order to acclimate to the heat in our area.
  2. Conditioning -   The first week or two of practice is conditioning.  There are rules regarding the number of hours that kids need conditioning before they can put on their football pads.  You can help your child get ready for the season by getting them in athletic condition BEFORE practice starts.  Here is an article about some things that you can do to prepare.
  3. Expectations -   The first few weeks of the season require two (2) to three (3) days of practice. This is a 6-8 hour commitment by both you and the player. The coaches have to evaluate your player, install an offense, defense, and special teams in a very short period of time. Football is time consuming during the early part of the season.
  4. Communications -   Most communications about football will come to you via email and/or our social media sites. Please be sure to join our email list or follow us on your favorite social media network.
  5. Weather -   Football is played in all weather conditions (except for lightening and dangerous storms).  Therefore, prepare your child and yourself for practice and games to occur in rain or shine, heat or cold, wind or calm, snow and/or ice.  Think about buying some MARA Colts Spirit Wear for the different weather conditions that will come.
  6. Behavior -   What can I say?  Kids model their behavior after Adults.  Adults need to model their behavior after Adults too.  Many of the issues that occur during the season could be avoided, if Adults remembered to be Adults.  MARA takes behavior or misbehavior issues very seriously and because of that serious take, there are policies that you will need to sign and follow.  Please read the following documents:

     Parent and Player Code of Ethics
    Parent and Coach Communication Plan
  7. Fun -   As a parent/guardian, you have to remember that the kid is playing and you are not.  Let the kids have fun.  MARA Colts Football is not just about winning.  We are about being competitive.  We are about providing a good experience for your kid and for you.  We are about providing (and hopefully instilling) the values that will allow your child to become a productive adult.  We are about having FUN.  Help your kid to have fun; don’t ruin their experience.
  8. Equipment - Your player will need: cleats, a large water bottle, a mouthpiece (nothing white or clear - must be colored) with cord, practice jerseys, practice pants with integrated pads, and some type of shirt to wear beneath the shoulder pads (you don't want the shoulder pads or straps to rub against bare skin). Optionally, parents purchase their own helmets and/or chin straps (MARA provides a vinyl soft cup chin strap but parents often want the hard cup style). 
  9. Remember someone is always watching


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Football Commissioner



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