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as of September 7, 2019


USA Wrestling Instructions Provided on August 2019 for Background Checks and Other Things

Regarding how many people must be Wrestling Leaders in a club, the answer is two, with a minimum of one Wrestling Leader at practice.  So let's say that you and I are the two Wrestling Leader members for the club but we're both gone...someone else who is running practice would need to have his/her membership. 

We have tutorial videos put together where one can watch how to complete each of the following tasks in our membership system (whichever are applicable).  I think these are much easier to follow than screenshots, as the user can back the video up and re-watch anything that is needed. 


As a general link, all tutorial videos can be found at www.usawmembership.com/help.  Let me know if you have any questions.

There is no change in the requirement on what is needed in order to become a Wrestling Leader, but the SafeSport training is now built into the membership system so one does not have to create an account with SafeSport.  This is much easier than previously, but that's the only change.


Tony Black
USA Wrestling
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