Seven Phases of Throwing Warm-up


While throwing, get accustomed to grabbing four seamed grip, and exaggerate the mechanics of each phase.  Warm-up by position, facing each other perpendicular to the foul line. The number of throws is only a suggestion for the minimum amount of throws.  Each player is different and your arm might need more.  Your partner should be of the same position. 



                   Short flip catch for wrist warm-up and follow-through.

                  Each player kneels on throwing knee, 15 feet apart, with      throwing

                  arm supported by the glove hand at the elbow.  Use flip motion,

                  isolating the forearm to the finger tips.

                 (10 throws apiece)



                  Full range of motion, isolating the upper body and arm.

                  Same position as #1.  Full range of motion of arm, exaggerating

                  showing the ball to centerfield and going through the “L”

                  position and bringing the glove to  the arm pit.

                  30 feet apart. (12 throws)



                 Stand-up 180 degree catch.

                 Stand up with feet perpendicular to the player’s partner (or foul line)

                 Upper body movement same as #2.  Exaggerate hip rotation with

                 back foot pivot only.

                 50 feet apart. (16 throws)



                  Regular catch, gradually spreading out.

                  Start with feet parallel to partner, stepping with glove foot, proper

                  upper body and arm action, and following through.

                  Start at 60 feet and continually move back until throw has a little

                  “hump” in it.  Number of throws is dictated by number of throws

                  that it takes to get to the point of the “hump.”



                  Long catch.  Arm strengthener.

                  Distance apart is dictated by arm strength.  Can use hop to throw.

                  (16 throws)



                 Functional catch.

                Simulate your position and start with ball in glove in fielding

                Position (ie: outfielder will start with ball in glove, glove over

               Throwing shoulder, simulate catch and throw; infielder will start with

               ball in glove, glove out in front of body in ground ball fielding position.

               Distance apart should be 120% of distance of throw in game situation.

              (16 throws)



      PHASE 7:

                        Quick catch.

                        Get to the throwing side of ball, and try and grab a four-seam

                        Grip as quickly as possible.  Quick hands.

                        30 feet apart.  (20 throws). 


* For players 9 years or younger, or new players, combine phases 1 and 2 by having them stand facing each other for flip catch, and then back up to 20 feet and throw using full forearm.  This should help with overthrows and mis-catches.


Stretch arms afterwards, either isometrically or isotonically, if this is the only throwing that you are doing for the day!

When performed correctly, this warm-up should take approximately 17 minutes.