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Kraken provides several opportunities for families to fundraise during their athlete's season. From Serve-A-Thon and Shoot-A-Thons, to car wash tickets and candy sales. Monies raised are applied directly to their athlete's Kraken account and used to pay travel fees, tuition or for Kraken gear.

Fundraising Programs

  • Serve-A-Thon / Shoot-A-Thon
  • Car Wash Ticket Sales
  • Candy Sales
  • Krispy Kreme Sales


Money raised through fundraising programs facilitated, provided and or sponsored by Kraken, will be applied to an athlete's Kraken account. Funds can only be used for Kraken programs, Kraken Travel and or Kraken Gear / Concessions. Funds raised will remain in the athlete's Kraken account, regardless of the timing of the athlete finishing a season or timing of their membership with the club. Kraken does not pay out money that is the result of a Kraken sponsored fundraising program for any reason.