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The Teton Valley Youth Lacrosse Association is committed to finding a way for every child who wants to play lacrosse to participate.  TVYLA will set aside funds on an annual basis and dedicate them for scholarship use.  Those funds will vary from year to year based on what funds are available.

 To apply for financial aid, please go to the 'Scholarship Application' tab under the 'Financial Aid' tab on the home page of this site.  Download, print out and fill out the application and mail it directly to the TVYLA at: TVYLA, C/O Brendon McHargue, 1394 Frontier Trail, Victor, ID 83455

All applications for financial aid are completely confidential. The application requires the player to be a US Lacrosse Member, to be registered on our site, and to use the players' US Lacrosse number rather than their name to ensure personal information remain personal.

Once applications are collected, they will be given to the board to determine eligibility.  After applications are evaluated an administrative member who is not part of the evaluation process will cross reference the numbers with our registered players and award the scholarships.  This ensures there is always a buffer between personal information and the names of the players and their families to ensure confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information.

As a club we understand there are many circumstances that may affect ability to pay, like an ill family member, loss of a job, single parent, or reduction in pay. We also take this into consideration when awarding scholarships. If these or any other circumstances affect your family, please explain in the “comments” section so we can do our best to help.