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While Teton Valley Youth Lacrosse Association does not implement a strong attendance policy, please consider the following when making the decision to miss practices, games, or team events:

  • Our coaches teach a team oriented philosophy.  One cannot teach this philosophy without the team around.
  • We believe team sports are one of the most effective means in teaching a young athlete commitment.
  • Our coaches spend time designing a detailed practice and game plan every day based on the number of players on the team.  It only takes a few absent players to make that plan obsolete.
  • Absent players make it incredibly difficult to coach effectively.

We understand that we do not live in a perfect world and that absences are inevitable.  However, please make every effort to attend all practices, games, and events.

If a player is to be absent, we do ask that you notify the head coach as soon as possible so appropriate or necessary changes can be made to their plans.