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Transformational Coaching On Line Links:

The Inside Out Coaching Initiative is the absolute best source for information on Transformational coaching.

The Positive Coaching Alliance is a partner with US Lacrosse and is becoming the standard for learning to become a transformational double goal coach.

Joe Ehrmann is the driving force behind The Inside Out Initiative.  This is his TED Talk regarding the way we mentor young men in our society.

Building Men For Others is another lecture Joe Ehrmann gave that further details his ideas on coaching and mentoring.  The video begins with a solid 20 minutes of introductions, so start at minute 21.  The first speaker is Jeffrey Marx, the Author of Season of Life about Joe Ehrmann.  Joe Ehrmann follows Marx.



Coachong Philosophy and Non Linear Pedigogy:

Constraints Based Learning: A brief video demonstrating constraints based learning vs Isolated Practice.



On Line Resources for Drills, Coaching, and Building a Program:

Duke Coaching Clinics:  Laxpower has provided links to coach John Danowski’s Duke Lacrosse coaching clinics.  There are hours of videos covering every aspect of the game and how to build a successful team.  Most of this content is geared toward older groups, but, certainly be applied to most of what we do.

The Lax Coach Mike site, while being a predominately subscription based site, has a fair amount of free content and is worth a look around. There are several interviews with top lacrosse coaches that are, certainly, worth listening to.  All of the drills described can be altered to suit any age group and follow the tenets of fast pace, game like, lots of touches, and a lot of fun.

Mike on Laxpower:  Lax Coach Mike also writes articles for Lax Power detailing his favorite drills.  They all follow the philosophy of being fast paced, game like, high number of touches, and fun.  These are primarily college drills, but can be modified to fit almost any age group.

Notre Dame Drills:  Notre Dame has, for years, been posting instructional videos on the drills they use every day.  These videos all start with a white board description followed by a live, on field walk through.  These are all college drills, but are mostly focussed on basic fundamentals and can be modified to fit all age levels.

Ryan Powell describes Root-B 22 drills.  This is an outstanding set of drills that are a good warm-up routine and offer a lot of reps.

Inside Lacrosse article describing Root-B 22 drills. More information on Root-B 22 drills.  These are good for every age group and can, certainly be modified for women’s lacrosse.

BTB Lacrosse Video on Practice Planning.  A good video describing how to, and what should be considered when planning an effective practice.

Triangle Passing.  A quick easy passing drill that can be run with six players forcing them to catch and throw on the run.  Run in both directions keeping sticks to the outside.

St. Joe's Three Man GB Drill: Lots of touches, and teaches kids to get the ball moving off of the ground with a purpose.

Berkman's Bank of Shooting Drills: 21 fast paced shooting drills from Coach Burkman at Salisbury State.

Three Man Handle: Notre Dame drill providing lots of touches, and several skills in one quick drill.


Recommended Books:

Inside Out Coaching by Joe Ehrmann

Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx

The Gold Standard: Building a World Class Team by Mike  Krzyzewski 

They Call Me Coach by John Wooden

Coach Wooden: The 7 Principles That Shaped His Life and Will Change Yours

 by Pat Williams and James Denney