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Lacrosse season is right around the corner and as you start to pull out your equipment, you may notice that it's time for an upgrade; OR if you are new to lacrosse you simply may need to be pointed in the right we're here to help!!  Below you will find some of OUR top picks for the 2018 season...picks that we believe will withstand the test of time.


Please note a few things as you shop....

Little House - We ENCOURAGE your girls to have deeper than usual pockets, catching and throwing in lacrosse can be very tough to pick up.  We find that this turns a lot of kids off when they start at and early age...we hope that through the encouragement of the coaches, encouragement at home and proper equipment that our girls will grow to LOVE this game too!

Boys sticks & "Fiddle sticks" are illegal to play with in the girls game.  We ask that you invest in the proper equipment and we may also ask that if your daughter has an extra long shaft that it be cut at home.


3rd/4th -

Moving younger players into a better stick like the Exult 300 or Crux 300 by STX can make huge improvements in their game. The forgiving pockets on these models translate into confidence on the field for players still struggling with fundamentals. Most parents of beginners don't want to spend too much at first but this can change a girls experience with the game.



Look for the intermediate stick at this age - if you are new to the game the picks below will be a perfect fit.  If you are more advanced and have played for a while, chances are you are already familiar with products out there and have explored your options - GO WITH WHAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH ;)



At this point in your career you've made a commitment to the sport and higher level equipment may positively impact your game.  Make sure you get your hands on some of the newest products out there (head over to Longstreth) - or try out your friends new "wand".




Our Favorite Local Lax Store:

Longstreth – A store SPECIFICALLY geared towards female athletes! Head over there to meet their knowledgeable staff and to get first rate personalized service when looking for new equipment.


Our Favorite Online Stores:

Budget Friendly – SPORTSTOP

Online shop – EXCELLENT pricing, great customer service chat function and quick delivery (FREE shipping on orders over $49)


ALL in ONE – 

Youth to Pro…Girls to Women is a popular stop for all laxers looking to build their wardrobe or to check out info on new equipment.






Complete Stick:

STX Lilly - $29


Make sure your goggles are legal - Click HERE for the updated list of approved eyewear in girls lacrosse

STX Rookie Goggle – $24.99:  made for the smaller framed faces with increased visibility

STX 4sight + - $29.99:  Offered in both adult and youth.  Our 7 year old wears the adult size and doesn’t complain about the fit.  Sometimes the youth sizes don’t fit a rounder face.



STX Crux 100 Starter Package - $79.99 (Stick, Goggles and Bag)

STX Exult 200 Starter Package -$79.99 (Stick, Goggles and Bag)





*If you already have an upgraded head like the ones below but your shaft is too short, just order a new shaft!


STX Crux 300 Complete Stick - $109.99 – with Runway Pocket


STX Exult 300 Complete Stick - $99.99 – With Runway Pocket



*While complete sticks are the way to go financially - some players have strong preferences in shafts.  Here you will look to purchase them independently.

Traditional Feel-

STX Crux i 10 degree Composite complete stick - $159.99 – With Runway Pocket


Next Level Pocket-

Under Armour Glory Composite – complete stick - $229.99


All In (newest trend)-

Find YOUR favorite head (ours is the STX Crux 600 10 degree) and have it custom strung…


Custom Stringing –

Take your favorite head and send it out (Buy a gutted head! – Our fav is the STX Crux 600 10 degree)

Top picks:

#1 -

            Women’s pockets -

                        Traditional = Ladder Pocket 

Newest trend =  Mesh-X Wide

            Our Goalies -


#2 -

Traditional = Rail Elite 

Newest trend =  Crux Mesh or Hybrid Mesh

            Our Goalies – find it all at the link above too!