The Mamaroneck Youth Hockey Association (M.Y.H.A.) is a private, non-profit, parent-run corporation founded in 1994. Boys and girls are eligible to try out for selection to our teams.

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updated 2-27-20


Beginning with the 2019-2020 travel hockey season, all MYHA players are required to purchase a package of uniform items from Pure Hockey according to the processes and protocols that follow.

The MYHA Uniform Package will be purchased directly from Pure Hockey, and consist of:

  • Two Custom MYHA Jerseys -- 1 Orange and 1 White – with Player's Name on Back
  • One Custom MYHA Shell or Pants
  • Two Pairs of Custom Socks 
-- 1 Orange and 1 White
  • Helmet decals

In most cases, players will be able to keep their jersey numbers from season to season. Any uniform items -- including helmet decals -- that are lost, damaged or outgrown must be replaced during the offseason ordering period.



Every spring, all new MYHA players must visit Pure Hockey (310 Main Street, New Rochelle) during a specified one-week period for a uniform fitting. No reservation is required. Please be sure your player brings/wears shoulder pads and hockey pants for a proper fitting. You will be provided written instructions from the Pure Hockey staff as to what sizes you will order for each item.

All orders must then be placed through the dedicated MYHA Online Store. We will provide a dedicated link, and also establish an ordering deadline. It is your responsibility to select your sizes carefully when ordering and double-check the spelling of the name for personalized jerseys. Custom gear cannot be returned, and families will be responsible for all replacement costs. Payment for the Uniform Package is due at the time of purchase.

Uniform Packages will be delivered to the home address provided during the ordering process prior to the start of the season, likely some point in mid-August.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us at  . If you encounter any difficulties placing your order, please contact our Pure Hockey rep, Stuart Bernstein, at 774-223-2096 or .



If you are a new player joining the MYHA in-season, you will have the opportunity to purchase a full Uniform Package through our Online Store. No customized jerseys will be available, and your jersey number options will be limited. When you register, you will be contacted by a member of the Uniforms Committee, who will direct you through the ordering process.



All families are responsible for the cost and the process of replacing any items from their Uniform Package that are lost, damaged or outgrown. Ideally, many of the items will last multiple seasons, depending on how much your child grows in a given year. 

If you need to replace an item (specifically, socks, shells or decals) in-season, you can place your order through the MYHA Online Store. We will keep a limited number of sizes in each item in stock. Please email the Uniforms Committee ( ) for the link to the Store. If an item or the appropriate size is not in stock, the Uniforms Committee will help you coordinate your order directly with Pure Hockey.

Replacement Jerseys will be handled differently. If one of your child’s jerseys is lost or damaged, no customized jersey orders will be placed during the season. Pure Hockey requires a minimum number of jerseys to be ordered, so we do not expect to be able to order individual replacement jerseys. Instead . . . you will be able to rent a loaner jersey in the appropriate size, based on availability (no number requests will be possible, nor will it come with a nameplate). When you need a loaner jersey, please notify us at , and we will coordinate the process with you. At the time of the rental, your credit card will be charged $135 (the full cost of the jersey). When you return the jersey – cleaned and in good condition – you will receive a refund of $60; rentals will cost $75, regardless of how much of the season they are used for. If the jersey is not deemed to be in good and reusable condition, it will not be accepted as a return, and no refund will be provided. Socks and shells are not considered rentals and will not be returnable or refundable.



Within one week of the end of MYHA Tryouts every spring, all players will be notified of their team assignment and asked to register promptly. In the registration process, all new players will be asked to provide six jersey numbers – ranked in order of preference – with the following stipulations:

  • Two of those numbers must be between 2-29
  • Four of those numbers must be between 31-98

The following jersey numbers are reserved for goalies: 1, 30, 35. Goalies can select other numbers, if available; no player may select any of the goalie-only numbers. Jersey #99 will not be made available.

Jersey numbers will be assigned based on two primary factors: the time your registration is completed and the availability of the number. Whenever possible, we will try to arrange for younger siblings to be assigned their older sibling’s number, upon request (this will allow for the all-important Hand-Me-Down Discount).

Registration is Completed: Your registration is considered completed when your registration fee is paid. At that point, a time stamp will be associated with your registration, which essentially is like holding a spot in line. If you complete your registration at, say, 12:01 p.m., your jersey number will be assigned before someone whose registration is completed at 12:11 p.m.

You will not be permitted to order a jersey until that initial fee is paid. If you wind up unable to order a jersey prior to the deadline, your custom jersey will be placed as part of an anticipated August order (for late signees) and will not be ready for the start of the season.

If you would like to request financial assistance for an upcoming season, you must submit a Financial Assistance Application, available on our website: The submission of that application will count as the completion of your registration process, and your place “in line” will be secured with the digital transmission of your application.

Any questions about registration, payment or financial aid should be directed to  .

Availability: Once a jersey number is assigned, that number will be off limits to players in the birth year on either side of the assigned player. For example, if a player born in 2008 is assigned jersey #10, no player born in 2007 or 2009 will be allowed to wear #10. This is ensure that players can keep their number for multiple seasons, without risking a conflict from year to year. A player born in 2006 or 2010, however, would be eligible to be assigned #10, as they would not be on the same team as that 2008 player (except in the case of third-year Mites or 16U players called up to 18U Midgets; a la carte conflicts will be dealt with on an individual basis). Pure Hockey will be given rosters for every team, and they will confirm with us all jersey number assignments before any order is processed.

In the unlikely event that all six numbers on your wish list are unavailable, we will contact you to submit additional backup choices.

Changing numbers between seasons will be considered. Players are welcome to keep their numbers from season to season for as long as they choose. If no request to change their number is submitted, it will be assumed that they intend to keep their number. If they want to change numbers, they may submit a request in writing prior to April 1st to the Uniforms Committee ( ), which must verify the availability of their requested new number. The factors that are used in determining number assignments for new jerseys (registration timing and availability) will apply to number changes, too. 

If you are approved for a number change, you must order new home and road jerseys for the upcoming season during the offseason ordering period. 

When players change numbers, graduate out of the program or request a waiver to move to another program, even if only for a season, their numbers will be put back into circulation. If a player is forced to miss a season due to injury or other hardship, the decision to reserve their number will be made at the discretion of the Uniforms Committee.

Any questions about the number assignment process should be directed to  .