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                              Boys Basketball FAQs 2014-15                                         



►  Who are the boy basketball coaches?

  • Paul Hinson    (CMS Athletic Coordinator)
  • Joe Podhorsky  
  • Matt McDougald  Matthew.McDougald
  • Dave Johnston  
  • Landon Cofer   

►  General Basketball Information

The basketball season starts around the first week of November.  The season consists of 7 HISD District matches and at least one HISD Friday/Saturday weekend tournament (one for A Team and one for B Team).   Both 7th and 8th grade will also participate in an A Team Tournament.  In 2015-16 our district matches are on Monday nights (B Team plays at 5:15pm; the A Team at 6:15pm).  Both grades will have A and B teams consisting of roughly 10 players on A, and 15-18 on B with reserves each week.  


  What is REQUIRED for all Basketball players?

Parents MUST: 

  • Register their child on the CABC website (www.creekwoodathletics.com).  Instructions available on the [FAQs] tab on the left side of home page.  Note:  Most families completed this registration the first week of school.
  • Return a completed Student Athlete Emergency Card to a basketball coach, if not completed in August.
  • Return a signed HISD Policies Signature Page to a basketball coach, if not completed in August.
  • Purchase CMS Athletic Uniform for their athlete.  Available for sale in August at Colt Round Up - $20 for T-shirt and Shorts.
  • Provide socks and tennis shoes 

Players MUST: 

  • Have a good attitude.  Work hard.  Be academically eligible.  Attend every practice.
  • 7th graders:  Be dressed and ready to practice by 7:15am in tennis shoes and CMS athletic uniform.
  • 8th graders:  Be dressed and ready to practice for 7th period until 5:15pm in tennis shoes and CMS athletic uniform.
  • CMS athletes are expected to maintain a code of behavior, above and beyond that of other CMS students.

  Eligibility Requirements.

According to U.I.L. eligibility rules, students must pass all classes in order to be eligible for participating in athletics.

The following are reasons which are cause for dismissal from CMS athletics: 

  • Use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products.
  • Repeated disrespect to teachers, coaches, administration, or other students.  Refrain from negative, undermining, or demeaning talk and any other kinds of conduct which can be described as unsportsmanlike.
  • Repeated classroom disruption with behavior not appropriate for CMS students.
  • Any other activity specifically prohibited in the Humble I.S.D handbook of athletic policies.

  Do all athletes automatically make the basketball team?

All boy athletes are invited to tryout for basketball.  Tryouts start around the first week of November.  Last year roughly 80 boys per grade competed for approximately 25 spots (~10 for A Team and ~15 for B Team).  Teams are decided based on skill level and attitude.

Those who choose not to play basketball or do not make a team will participate in off-season training to prepare for Cross Country and/or Track-n-Field.  7th graders in off-season run during 1st period.  8th graders in off-season run during 7th period.


►  What is the practice schedule for basketball?

7th graders:

  • Players must be ready to practice by 7:15 every Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday.  Thursdays are late arrival days, thus players must be ready to go by start of first period. 

8th graders:

  • Players practice until 5:15pm Monday-Thursday and until 4:30pm on Fridays.  No practice after school on game days.

Note:  Students are expected to be at every practice.  We make exceptions for school related activities, such as band (where other arrangements can’t be made).  Tutoring needs to be done before school (for 8th grade) and after school (for 7th grade).  If there is a problem with tutoring not being offered, please let the coach know.  Also, if a chid is sick or will miss for any reason, the parents should send an email to Coach Hinson that morning, or earlier if possible, to inform him that he will miss practice.


►  Basketball Uniforms:

CMS to provide each athlete that makes a basketball team:

  •   Athletic Bag
  •   Jersey and shorts

Note:  These items are checked out to each athlete at the beginning of the season and checked back in at the end.  Please be sure to wash jerseys in cold water and do NOT use fabric softener.  Also, please hang dry the uniforms, NEVER put them in the dryer.


  Will we have Basketball Team T-shirts?

Yes.  Basketball Team T-shirts are designed by the coaches, specifically for the players, who wear them on game day.  However, many parents/siblings etc. also order for themselves.  Team T-shirt information will be emailed to basketball families at the start of the season, posted on the CABC website, and orders processed on the CABC website ONLINE STORE.   Note: These Team T-shirts are separate from the general CABC Creekwood merchandise sale held in May each year.


►  What is the game schedule?

As soon we receive the game schedule from HISD Athletic Department we will post it on this CABC Website on the Team Basketball pages.



Athlete etiquette is important to CMS because everywhere you go with CMS on you, you are representing Creekwood.  Therefore, good sportsmanship is required, respect towards the coaches, administration and fellow teammates.

Parents' etiquette is crucial to athletes' attitudes.  We ask that parents respect the decisions of an official or coach.  We also ask that you refrain from negative comments about the players on the court.  Refer to the Athletic Code of Conduct for athletes.  If you have any concerns please feel free to contact the coaches at 281.641.4509

  What about basketball tournaments?

Each year, HISD hosts two basketball tournaments.  One Friday/Saturday weekend the A team is scheduled and another Saturday weekend the B Team is scheduled. The dates of the tournaments will be known/posted on the website at the start of the season.  The specific bracket schedules are available and sent to parents early the week before the tournament.  CMS provides bus transportation to and from the tournaments.  The boys are expected to stay at the facility in-between games.  You may bring them food/drink or they may purchase food/drinks IF the facility operates a concessions stand.

All eight HISD Middle Schools are responsible for hosting part of each tournament.  The basketball team managers will be contacting basketball parents inviting them to help provide food and drinks for all referees and coaches working the tournaments.


►  Transportation Logistics:

All players are required to ride the bus to each away game.  All players are encouraged to ride the bus back to CMS after all away games to foster the team atmosphere and attitude.  However, the coaches understand there may be an occasion when a player needs to ride home with a parent after the games are finished.  The parent will need to fill out a travel release form and turn it in to Coach Hinson before the game.  The travel release forms can be downloaded and printed from the [Documents] tab on the left side of the CABC website Home page.  A new form must be turned in for each game that a player goes home with their parents.


►  What about game day food and drinks?  Will they be provided?

Families have a few options regarding providing food/drink for their athlete before a game.

  • Purchase pre-game meal package from selected caterer (last year we used Jason's Deli; 7 games for $44).  Early in the season, parents can sign-up and pay for their athlete to have a sandwich, chips, cookie and bottle of water to be delivered before each district game.  No catered game meals for tournaments.
  • Athletes may bring food/drink to school in the morning.
  • Parents may deliver food/drink to the CMS Front Office no later than 3pm.

  What is a typical game day like for my player?

Immediately after school, athletes go to their locker room and change into their uniforms.  If they have an away game, they quickly board the bus and eat (IF desired, while riding to the game site).  If they have a home game, they quickly eat (IF desired) then warm-up for their game.  A Team is encouraged to do any homework first, then watch/cheer the B Team players.   B Team is encouraged to do the same for the A Team after they finish their games.  


►  What if I have more questions?

Basketball logistics questions:  Contact the sport team manager.  Click the team page you are interested in to find the team manager name and email link.

Non-logistics questions:  Contact the CMS Athletic Coordinator – Coach Hinson