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                              Track and Field FAQs 2015-2016                                    


►  General Track & Field Information

At the start of the season, the athletes can choose various track and field events in which they would like to participate.  Over time, the Coaches suggest athletes focus on certain events based on performance and interest.  Field Events practice before (ready by 7:15am) and after (until 5pm) school.  Track Events practice 1st & 7th period.  All athletes run.  Those interested may also participate in Field Events.


►  Who participates in the meets?

We try to determine the participants for each track meet at least one day before the scheduled meet. However, illness, injury and family emergencies sometimes require that changes be made at the last minute. The athletes with the fastest times will always have first consideration, but we will attempt to alternate other athletes when possible. Athletes who have made a field event will try out for each week to determine participants for that week’s meet. In most of the meets leading up to the district meet we will be allowed to enter 4 participants in each running and field event. We will only be allowed to take 3 participants in each event for the district track meet.


►  Transportation Logistics:

All track team members will travel to and from the track meets together on the bus. If your child has activities to attend (i.e. bible study, church, athletic practice, special family event), he/she MUST return a signed travel release to one of the coaches before the bus leaves Creekwood for that day’s meet. If a travel release is not turned in before we leave for the meet, we will not allow the athletes to leave the meet. Student athletes may only leave from a meet with their own parent or guardian. He/she may not leave with another student’s parent from the site of the meet. Travel releases can be found on the athletic website.


►  Track & Field Uniforms:

CMS to provide each athlete that attends a meet:  

  •    Athletic bag
  •    Jersey & shorts
  •    Sweat shirt & pants (sweats to be used only at meets)
  •    Sprinters will be provided spikes (special shoes with spikes)
Families to provide: 
  •    Socks and tennis shoes (mandatory, no restrictions on styles or colors)
  •    Practice sweatshirt/sweatpants (optional, but highly recommended the first few cooler weeks)
  •    Most don't, but if desired, a white or black tank top may be worn under the jersey.

►  Food/Drink Logistics:

Catered meals are not available.  Water bottles are not provided.  Food/drink options:

  •   Athletes may bring food/drink to school in the morning
  •   Parents may deliver food/drink to the CMS Front Office no later than 3:00pm
  •   Parents may bring food/drink to the meet
  •   Athletes may purchase food/drink at the concession stand.  


►  Other Information:

Parents can sit in the stands or walk back and forth between the Track & Field Events.  CMS Athletes sit together in the stands between their events.  Spectators are not allowed on the field or track.  Spectators may take pictures and/or videos, just be careful not to distract the athletes. AT NO TIME SHOULD  A PARENT BE ON THE INFIELD.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


►  2015-16 Track & Field Schedule (Feb 10th - Apr 6th):

  Feb 10 - First day of before/after school practices

  Feb 18th (Thur) - Practice Meet (Running Events Only) @ KHS (RMS)

  Feb 25th (Thur) -  Meet #1 @ SCHS (KMS, CMS, AMS, HMS)
  Mar 3rd (Thur) - Meet #2  @ KHS (RMS, KMS, CMS, HMS)
  Mar 9th (Wed) - Meet #3 @SCHS (WMS, AMS, SMS, CMS)
  Mar 23rd (Wed) - Meet #4  @KHS (WMS, CMS, RMS, SMS)
  Mar 31st (Thur) - Meet #5  @KHS (AMS, CMS, RMS, TMS)
  Apr 4-6 (Mon-Wed) - District Meet at Turner Stadium
    Monday:  Girls Field, Girls 2400 Final, Boys Running Prelims  5:00PM
    Tuesday: Boys Field, Boys 2400 Final, Girls Running Prelims  5:00 PM
    Wednesday:  All Running Finals  -  Time TBA
►  2015-16 ORDER OF EVENTS:
Note:  All field events start around 4:30 pm and are held simultaneously with the track events.  Athletes involved in both are expected to make all their running events, which requires them to leave during a field event and immediately return after they run.
Field Events
     Pole Vault     8th Boys, 7th Girls, 8th Girls, 7th Boys
     Discus          8th Boys, 7th Boys, 8th Girls, 7th Girls
     Shot Put       8th Girls, 7th Girls, 8th Boys, 7th Boys
     Long Jump    8th Boys, 7th Boys, 8th Girls, 7th Girls
    Triple Jump  8th Girls, 7th Girls, 8th Boys, 7th Boys
     High Jump    8th Girls, 8th Boys, 7th Girls, 7th Boys
 Running Events 
** The order of the running events will be 7th Girls, 8th Girls, 7th Boys, 8th Boys.
2400 Meters
4x100 Meter Relay 
800 Meter Run
100 Meter Hurdles
100 Meter Dash
4x200 Meter Relay
400 Meter Dash
300 Meter Hurdles
200 Meter Dash
1600 Meter Run
4x400 Meter Relay