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                                  Football FAQs                                                 


►  General Football Information

All who tryout for football make a team.  No one is cut.  After a few weeks of practice, the coaches split the athletes into three teams (A, B, C).  The coaches inform the athletes of these team selections during their practice.  Decisions are based on performance and attitude.

►  What equipment does CMS provide?

CMS provides high quality equipment that the coaches recommend for all:  helmet with chin strap, mouth piece, shoulder pads, one pair of white pants with pads, green belt, practice jersey and game jersey.  Most families use the CMS equipment.  School-issued equipment is given out on a day specified by the coaches and is done sometime the week before school starts.  It is NOT the same day as Colt Round Up.  Be sure to visit our CABC website in August for more information.  Any football related paperwork that is required will also be on the CABC website.  That paperwork must be filled out and turned in to the coaches in order to have equipment and locker issued to the players. 

►  What equipment do I need to provide my player?

  •  Mouth Piece (IF a special kind is required.  i.e. if your player has braces)
  •  Cleats (black)
  •  Socks (white or black)
  •  optional: Tshirt for under the pads (white, black, gray, dark green)
Note:  Bright neon colors for socks, shoes and shirts are not allowed.  Most boys wear their CMS athletic T-shirt under their shoulder pads. It’s a personal preference. The CMS athletic uniform is available for sale during Colt Round Up.
►  What about Helmets?
Helmets – HISD has changed it’s policy on helmets for Middle Schools.  Our helmets meet every NOCSAE standard for safety.  IF you are using your own helmet, then we will need the following:
  • A doctor’s note (preferred) AND
  • An email or personal note stating you release the district from any and all liability from any injury sustained while using the helmet.
  • The helmet must be white and have the same dark green facemask that we use.
  • Release of liability must be sent to the Campus Coordinator, Coach Hinson, and will be kept on file at the school level.

►  What do I need to know about the football uniform?

The school provides one pair of pants with all the pads and a green belt.  These are to be used for practice and games.  The pants must be clean and white on game days.  If you wish, you can provide a pair of white pants to be used ONLY FOR PRACTICE.  The school-issued pants, pads and belt MUST be worn at all games. After the games, players give their jerseys to their coach.  The coaches are responsible for washing game day jerseys.  All other equipment cleaning is up to the player and parent per their own arrangement. 

►  What paperwork do I need to provide?

All of the paperwork will be available on the CABC website.  Be sure to visit the website in August for details and links to print/download the necessary papers. 

►  What is the practice schedule?
  • 7th graders.  Players must be ready to practice by 7:15 every Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday.  Doors open at 6:45am.  Thursdays are late arrival days, thus players must be ready to go by start of first period.  Once games start, players must be ready to practice by 8am the day AFTER their game. 
  • 8th graders.  Players practice until 5pm Monday-Thursday and until 4:30pm on Fridays.  No practice after school on game days.
►  Other practice information:
  • Towels will be provided for showering. 
  • If desired, athletes should provide their own lock for valuables.  They will get a big locker for football equipment and a small locker if they wish to lock up any valuables. 
  • 7th grade athletes may pack themselves something to eat, if they wish to eat after practice.

►  When do the players wear full pads in practice?

Players dress out in their CMS athletic uniform the first few days of school.  The coaches let the players know what day that week to start wearing full pads to practice.  

►  What is the game schedule?

During the first week of school, the schedule will be posted. Last season, 7th graders had games on Monday nights and 8th graders on Tuesdays.  The C team plays first, B team game starts about 10 minutes after the C game is over. The A team game starts about 10 minutes after the B game is over.

►  Food/Drink logistics:
Families have a few options regarding providing food/drink for their players before a game.
  •  Purchase pre-game meal package from selected caterer (last year we used Jason's Deli; 7 games for $44).  Early in the season, parents can sign-up and pay for their athlete to have a sandwich, chips, cookie and bottle of water to be delivered before each district game. 
  • Athletes may bring food/drink to school in the morning.
  • Parents may deliver food/drink to the CMS Front Office no later than 3pm.

►  What is a typical game day like for my player?

After school, all football players who ordered a catered game meal will go to the cafeteria to pick up their food/drink.  All players must ride the bus to each game.  The C team will go first by bus to the game site location.  The B and A teams will stay at CMS and do homework and finish eating.  The buses then bring the B and A teams to the game site. The C team parents sign out their child with a coach after their game.  The C team players do not ride the school bus back to CMS.  All A and B players must ride the bus from the game back to the school. 

►  Football Team Tshirts:
  • Football Team Tshirts are designed by the coaches, specifically for the athletes, who wear them on game day.  However, many parents/siblings etc. also order for themselves.  Team Tshirt information will be posted on the CABC website at the start of the season and orders processed on the CABC website ONLINE STORE.