The Central Texas Youth Lacrosse League of the Central Texas Youth Lacrosse Association.



How much do referees get paid?

  1. Bantam Division (1st/2nd grade) = $45 (1 ref)
  2. Lightning Division (3rd/4th grade) = $45/Ref 
  3. Junior (5th/6th grade) = $45 HS Aged Ref that is only certified for Youth Games/$60 Adult-CTLOA Member that is certified to do both Youth and THSLL Games (two referees/game, if only one ref single rate is $75 Adult-CTLOA Member/$65 HS Aged Ref)
  4. Senior (7th/8th grade) = $45 HS Aged Ref that is only certified for Youth Games/$60 Adult-CTLOA Member that is certified to do both Youth and THSLL Games (two referees/game, if only one ref single rate is $75 Adult-CTLOA Member/$65 HS Aged Ref)


How do the game day referees accept payment?

  1. All payments must be processed through Arbiter Pay. 

Where is the Game Rules Checklist that we review pre-game?

  1. Under the ‘Home’ tab, click on ‘Documents’ – You will find the most current checklist in the ‘Documents’ folder or click on ‘Game Day Information’ – there is a current copy there as well.


What rules does CTYL follow?

  1. Juniors and Seniors follow NCAA. The rules can be downloaded at the same place as the Game Rules Checklist (see above). 
  2. Lightning and Bantam have their own set rules.  These rules can be found under the ‘Home’ tab, click on ‘Documents’ – open the ‘Documents’ folder.
    1. Field diagram for Lightning HERE
    2. Field Diagram for Bantam HERE


What's the proper procedure for making a change to the schedule?

  1. Under the ‘Home’ tab, click ‘Game Day Information’- You will find the proper procedure for changing/canceling a game.


How do I waiver a player that does not meet the league's player eligibility requirement?

  1. CTYL Waiver Form - HERE.