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Major League Division

Mostly 11 and 12 year olds (age as of 4/30/2022)*

Quite simply, WHYBL Majors is the premier baseball division in town. WHYBL is the only option in West Hartford that has a full local division/league playing on the 50’/70’ diamond. Focus is on having fun while teaching and experiencing “real” baseball rules - - presenting a whole new world of learning, growth and development for our players.

  • Played on the slightly bigger 50/70 diamond (a pitcher’s mound 50 feet from home plate, bases 70 feet apart) and under “real” MLB baseball rules (leading, stealing, pickoffs, etc.).  We feel the larger playing area offers a safer environment for players while also offering a great transitional opportunity for players moving on to the regulation field after their Youth days are complete (60/90 ft sized diamond).

  • All 11 and 12 year olds who are not already assigned to a Major league team are assessed and assigned to either the Major League or Minor League based on the results of the assessment.  For 2022, the number of 10 year olds that will be assigned to the Majors could be limited based on overall registration numbers.  No players under the age of "Baseball 10" will be considered for Majors.  

  • In this divsion WHYBL uses a player draft to form teams. Over our long history, we have found that the draft process  (as opposed to league officials assigning teams) at this age group is the best way to ensure parity within the league.  WHYBL also does not allow coaching partnerships, in Majors, as this can create a potential to “stack” teams.

  • Consistent with other youth sports leagues in town, players remain on the same team until they graduate from the division - - as opposed to kids changing teams and coaches each year.  Although this is typically only two years on the same team, consistent feedback over the years from families is that this helps promote relationship building and teamwork concepts as players, coaches and families move through different experiences together.  

  • Games will be played at Wolcott and Beachland Parks.  Major League will have 3 practices per week in April, and then 1 practice and 2 or 3 games per week in May and June.  All teams will finish the season by playing in a year-end Majors playoff tournament. 

  • In 2022 the season will end by mid-June for all leagues unless inclement weather dictates otherwise.

  • All players wil have access to FREE offseason/preseason indoor clinics and practices (circumstances permitting) held in our own indoor baseball center.

  • Games umpired by certified umpires.

  • All players will receive a jersey and hat they can keep.

  • Six-inning games.  All kids must bat throughout the games (continuous batting order) and play a minumum of 4 innings in the field.

    * All 12 year olds will be in the Majors, unless requested otherwise. Most 11 year olds will also be placed in the Majors, however the advanced level required for this divison may dictate that some 11 year olds would be more comfortable in the Minors. Majors also consists of highly skilled 10 year olds.  All 11 and 10 year old players will be placed in the division deemed most appropriate.    

    Questions?  Please contact our Major League Vice President, Jeremy Sauer -