Striving to impact youth in the development of self-confidence, self-discipline, and dedication for the skills necessary to succeed in sports and in life, thus building better citizens.



Q.What is Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse?

A. The Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse Club, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a our mission of Striving to impact youth in the development of self-confidence, self-discipline, and dedication for the skills necessary to succeed in sports and in life.  The club supports boys and girls youth lacrosse in Bridgeport, CT. The club is a member of the Connecticut-New York Lacrosse Association (CONNY), the organizing body for youth lacrosse in Connecticut. The club introduced the game of lacrosse to Bridgeport at the youth level in 2005. BYL is also a member of US Lacrosse Emerging Groups Program.


Q. Who can play for Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse?

A. Boys and Girls grades k through 8


Q.  I heard Lacrosse is expensive, what if I can't pay for my child to play?

A. Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse is a Non-Profit 501-C-3 organization dedicated to benefiting the youth of Bridgeport. We recognize that the cost of registration and that the purchase price of lacrosse equipment is significant.  We strive to keep the costs as low as possible, and we do not want financial hardship to be in the way of an opportunity for children to be able to participate in the program. Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse is prepared to consider assistance based on need. A specific scholarship form must be filled out. Scholarships will be determined by an executive committee of the board of directors.  Any one receiving a scholarship will be required to volunteer 10-15 hours for Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse. We have also provided donated and new equipment to any player that wants to play.  Moving forward any new players will be allowed to lease equipment for a nominal fee and if he/she likes lacrosse they can keep the equipment or return it.

* Anyone receiving a scholarship will not be allowed to purchase a uniform.

**Please note any parent/player that does not pay for the season by the first week, they will not be allowed to practice or play in games until account balances are cleared.


Q. What do the costs for the program cover?

A. Registration fees for BYL and US Lacrosse cover a variety of expenses that are incurred during the year - it is a seasonal fee. These costs are similar across most clubs and associations in Connecticut, so here is a breakdown of the things your registration fee pays for:

  • Team Affiliation dues (CONNY, US Lacrosse membership which includes accident insurance)
  • Referees
  • Uniforms
  • Game / practice equipment (goals, balls, goalie equipment, first aid kits)
  • Coaches certification and education programs
  • Indoor practice time (early in the season when weather will not allow us onto the fields)
  • Field time
  • Jamboree fees
  • Team outings
  • Scholarships
  • Fiscally prudent reserves

What you get for free:

  • The efforts of the board of directors and volunteers
  • Coaching, instruction, enthusiasm for your children
  • Healthy, happy kids with a wholesome activity a few hours a week


Q. Why do I need to register with US Lacrosse?

A. Due to our Insurance regulations...All new players & returning members will be charged $25 for insurance as well as US Lacrosse membership and privileges. This registration is good for one (1) year.  Upon registration all new members/players will be routed to the US Lacrosse website, where you will purchase insurance in the form of a membership. This money is paid directly to US Lacrosse.  Once you have received a membership number and insurance - you will be directed back to the BYL website where you will be allowed to complete the registration process.


Q. What equipment does my child need to play?

A. All equipment will be required and necessary for your child to be allowed to play lacrosse at practices, clinics and games.  If your child does not bring his/her equipment they will not be allowed to practice or play.  With that said, BYL is now offering equipment rental at $25 per season.  If your child does not continue, we ask that you return the equipment.  If you own or already have equipment then no need to do anything.  Equipment needs are the following:

Boys: stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cleats/shoes*, athletic supporter/cup* and mouth guard*

Girls: stick, eye protective goggles, cleats/shoes* and mouth guard*

*BYL will not provide these items of equipment, it is necessary for you to provide these items.


Q. Do I need to purchase a uniform for my child?

A. No, for all players uniforms (jersey) will be provided at all games.  You may purchase a uniform for an additional $95 at the end of the season, however any player who receives a scholarship will not be permitted to purchase a uniform.


Q. What would happen if our player wasn’t present for the tryouts? Do they miss out on a chance for team placement?

A. ALL players will be permitted to tryout for the team that they feel they are suited for.  It will be the staff’s call on final placement.  We work very hard to take all into consideration before making a final placement, your player will be given a chance to make a team upon their return.

Q. What team will my child be on? When do we practice?

A. Teams are selected shortly after the season has started. Check the web site for your team placement and practice schedule:
- Starting in December, winter clinic/practice will be held on Saturday’s from 10-12 at the Orchid Boys & Girls Club (102 Park Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604)

- Starting in March, spring practices will be held Monday- Friday from 5:30 – 7:30 pm at either Veterans Park or Seaside Park.


Q. My child plays two sports and or has other commitments and can’t make it to every practice or game.  What is the 80/20 rule?

A. We as an organization are committed to the development of your child, so we ask that your child be as committed to BYL.  In order to create viable teams for our coaches to coach and for our program to excel we ask you to commit to the BYL schedule, your player must attend at least 80% of all practices and games. If there are extenuating circumstances and your child cannot attend a practice or a game, you must notify the coaches in advance. If you cannot make these commitments, please do not sign up.


Q. What is the rain policy?

A. The rain policy for Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse:

  • If the fields are unsafe we cancel
  • If it is raining heavily, we cancel
  • If there is any lightening, we cancel
  • If it is gray, we play
  • If it drizzling, we play
  • If it is damp, we play

Please check the weather but if you don’t receive a text message cancelling practice/game we are still conducting practice/game as scheduled.

For any season please keep running shoes and cleats in your bag.