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The following is an email from Steve Wysowski. Emphasis added. The FCIAC will follow the procedure described below.


Coaches:  The indoor track entry form must be entered by noon on Tuesday, February 9th. On the entry form schools need to include:

  1. The qualifying mark for any relays which the team will be entering
  2. The team’s complete roster, by checking the “Include on Roster” checkbox for every student athlete who will or may compete in any individual or relay event.
  3. The qualifying mark for the up to three individual events to be entered by each athlete on the tournament roster.

Schools will not be declaring the up to eight student-athletes who will be eligible for each of the relays they enter during the online entry process. That declaration will be made on a “declaration form” which is to be filled out and submitted during packet pickup at the divisional meet. A draft copy of the declaration form can be downloaded and filled out prior to the meet via either the online eligibility center or the coaches form submission page at the entry deadline. The form will list all of the athletes on your tournament roster as options for each relay.

It is important to keep in mind that athletes not listed on your tournament roster cannot participate. You can add or delete athletes from your roster at any point up until the entry deadline, so be sure that you have your final roster entered with all athletes you want included prior to generating your final declaration form to fill out and bring to your divisional meet.

At each of the class meets, the declaration forms will be filled out and verified when teams pick up their packets. Up to eight potential participants for each relay may be designated at that time. The forms will be returned to the coach, who will use the appropriate section on the form to indicate the four athletes actually running in the relay. The four names must come from the group of up to eight submitted initially. The completed and signed form will be turned in when each team reports to the clerk of course. At that point the four names will then become competitors for the relay. Coaches should refer to the 2015-2016 CIAC Indoor Track Packet Section I B. for entry restriction information.

Note that under the rules of the tournament, relay teams which qualify for the state open need to select the participants from the same group of names submitted on the declaration form at the divisional meet. It is not required that the same four athletes that ran in the divisional meet run in the open, it just needs to be four of the athletes listed as potential participants on the declaration form. There will be no additional declaration form to submit at the open, the same form and names submitted at the divisional meet will be used.

While the computer program at the meets will detect any competitor who exceeds the three-event limitation, it will occur after the competitor participates and would cause a disqualification. Coaches are responsible for determining the correct number of events athletes compete in so that disqualifications do not occur.

Thanks,  Steve Wysowski, Associate Executive Director-CIAC