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Our web site has a nice feature that will automatically send your cell phone a mini-text message when games are canceled or rescheduled.  This works even though you may not have full text messaging enabled on your cell phone or iPhone.

To set up this feature, you will need to access your personal contact form on the web site.

Click on the Edit My Account tab on the home page.  Enter your email address and personal family password.

Click on the person to whom the text messages will go.

Locate the entry box for Cell phone numbers.  Enter your cell phone number.  The little drop down menu to the right of the number (private, roster, or public) does not affect the cell phone text message feature.  To the right a bit, please note the drop down menu titled Provider.  Click on it and select your cell provider/carrier.

Click on Submit and you are done.

Following are notes from the web site instruction manual regarding cell messages:

After you make this selection, all broadcast email messages, including schedule change notices sent from the site will also be sent to your cell phone as text messages. So now if they cancel the game while you're on the road, you'll know about it right away.  A few notes about text messages:

1) Just as with email, only one copy of a message is ever sent to a cell phone number regardless of how many family members have the same number. This is true for all message types. Schedule change notices are sent to both the player's and their parent's cell numbers if configured.

2) You should be aware that "text message" means exactly that. We strip out any and all HTML formatting prior to sending text messages, so be aware that things may not look the same on one's cell phone as they do in your email inbox. Formatting like bolding, underlining, italics, centering and underlying links will not be preserved and embedded pictures will be removed entirely. Tables will not line up in neat columns but their lines will be preserved.

3) Also be aware that
text messages are limited to 170 characters, including the From address, title and body of the message itself. Anything beyond that will be cut off. For this reason it's probably a good idea to get your main point across early in your message. Email recipients will get the whole thing but only the the first part will be visible on people's cell phones.