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2022 Cheer

9U Southern Maryland Cheer and Dance Champs

(Head Coached by Kristin Bowling, Jessica Grzybowski, Quince)

2022 Football

14U-D1 SMYAC Champs

(Head Coached by Mark Mooney)

2021 Football

2021 - 9U-D2 SMYAC Champs 

(Head Coached by Mike White)

2019 Football

2019 - 11U-D2 SMYAC Champs 

(Head Coached by Kevin Greenwell)



2018 Football

2018 - 12U-D2 SMYAC Champs & State Finalist, 9-3

(Head Coached by Dave Cook)


2018- 11U-D1 SMYAC Champs, 10-2

(Head Coached by Dave Olson)


2018 Cheer

2018- 8U - 3rd place

(Head coached by Hannah Philpott)

2018- 11U- 3rd place

2018 - Individual Jumps

1st Place Sadie Jacowicz/ 2nd Place Natalie White/ 3rd Place Shaelyn Cooper


2018 Boys Lacrosse

2018 - U9- C- Anne Arundel County Undefeated season

(Head Coached by Joe Swann)


2018 - U11 -A- Anne Arundel County Champs 12-2, State Finalist

(Head Coached by Martin O'Callaghan)


2018 - U15 -A- Anne Arundel County Champs, State Finalist

(Head Coached by Rich Figueiras)


2017 Football

2017 - 10U -D1- SMYAC Champs, State ranked

(Head Coached By Dave Olson)


2017 Cheer

2017 -10U *1st place* Southern Maryland Cheer and Dance Championship,

(Head Coached by Angie Figueiras) 


2017 - U13-B- AA County Champions,

(Head coached by John MacMillan)


2017 - MIDDIES-B- AA County Champions,

(Head coached by Jeff Matthews)


2016 Football

2016 - 9U-D1 SMYAC Champs,

(Head Coached by Dave Olson) 


2016 - 12U-D1 SMYAC Champs,

(Head coached by Bill Connolly)


2015 Football

2015 - 10U-D1- SMYAC Champs,

(Head Coached by Paul Nicholson)


2015 - 9U-D2- SMYAC Champs,

(Head Coached by Dave Cook)


2015 - AA JUNIOR Champs,

(Head Coached by Joey Purcell)

2014 Football


2014 - 7U-D1- SMYAC Champions,

(Head coached by Dave Olson)



2014- 8U-D1- SMYAC Champions,

(Head coached by Jimmy Blackwell)

2014 - 9U-D1- SMYAC Champions,



2014- 10U-D1- SMYAC Champions, NG 365 MD State Champions,

(Head coached by Billy Connolly)


2014- 10U-D2- SMYAC Champions, 



2013 Football

2013- 7U-D1 SMYAC Champions,

(Head coached by Jimmy Blackwell)


2013- 9U-D1 SMYAC & Marland State Champions,


2011 Football

2011- 7U-D1 SMYAC & Marland State Champions,


2011 lacrosse

2011- Midget Marland State Champions,


2010 Football

2010-70lbs SR Calvert County Champs,


2010 Football

2010-100lbs SR Calvert County Champs,


2005 Football

2005- Peewee SR Calvert County Champs,



1985 Football

1985 - 105lbs Calvert County Champs,