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To access your child's team site (if you are not a manager or coach or assistant coach), you will need to know the team's password.  The team password IS NOT your personal password you set up at registration for your family.

The team manager already has the team password.  He or she should have already given it to you.  If not, please ask for it.  The web site "knows" whether or not you are a manager or coach or parent.  A non-manager or non-coach parent is not able to access the managers/coaches mini-admin section.  The web site also "knows" with which team you are associated.  All parental team access passwords end in 02. 

To sign in to your child's team section, select the TEAM Tab at the top of the page and select the applicable League and Team.  Click on the Roster Tab on the left side of the page.  At the bottom of the roster please locate the box that asks for your email address.  Type it in and click on submit.  You should now be able to access the information below.  Some of the information below is viewable withput a password, but other team specific information needs the team password and your entering of it.

Each team has its own section where the following are viewable:

1) manager and coaches contact information,

2) game schedule,

3) calendar of team specific events (automatically includes scheduled games), and manager or coach entered practices and applicable team messages/meetings/notices,

4) player roster with more detailed contact information,

5) game results,

6) standings (for applicable divisions),

7) multi-schedule (for parents with multiple children in our League and/or for parents whose child/children may be participating in another sport in a league that is also using the same host as we do - League Athletics). This feature displays the games/events on one screen/printout for those two separate groups.