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                                 Coaches Wish List Requests Granted!                                 





Football Helmet Rack ($333.83)



Volleyball Poles and Pads ($4,191.05) 2016-2017 School Year



Lockers for the Girls' Locker Room  ($5,251)

While our boys have had large athletic lockers to house their football gear, our girl athletes have never had lockers.  Currently, they have to leave their bags and
belongings on the existing benches or floor.  We're happy to give them a safe, secure (and off the floor!) place to leave their things during athletic events. 

Typical day in girls' locker room:

Example of four tier lockers, installed summer 2014:



Five Altius poles for Pole Vaulting ($1,531)

The Coaches identified five different poles they wish to purchase for our Track & Field pole vaulters, spring 2014:

  1. Altius 12'4" 160 lb
  2. Altius 12'9" 145 lb
  3. Altius 12'9" 150 lb
  4. Altius 12'4" 125 lb
  5. Altius 12'4' 135 lb














Soccer Uniforms  ($2,588)

We were able to provide uniforms for all of our 7/8th A & B Girls and Boys CMS Club Soccer teams, spring 2014.




Underground Water Line  ($3,949)

Our coaches and athletes are very excited about the October 2014 installation of ~250' underground water line (beneath the pole vault runway and sidewalk).  No more carrying coolers filled with ice and running water hose out to far fields.  This line benefits girls and boys in P.E, football, soccer, track and cross country.  Fall 2014


Player of the Week T-Shirts ($140)

Our coaches requested 10 'Voted Player of the Week' T-shirts, of various sizes.  Fall 2014


Soccer Equipment ($4,000)

Numerous soccer items were purchased for the 7/8th A & B Girls and Boys CMS Club Soccer teams as well as the CMS Physical Education classes: two regulation size goal replacement nets, four steel portable goals, soccer ball bags, practice balls, game balls, scrimmage bests, cones, discs, corner flags etc.  Spring 2015


Coolers ($220)

  1. Four 10-gallon Rubbermaid water coolers
  2. Two 52-quart Igloo Coolers with wheels