The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.

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Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club / Code of Conduct

Maintaining the Tribe Vibe

Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players, & Parents


The Code

As Members of the Truckee Tribe, we will conduct ourselves in a manner that both earns and displays respect for all aspects of our sport:


  • The history of lacrosse
  • Lacrosse in its present form
  • Those who have played the game before us
  • Those who will play the game after us
  • Our competitors
  • Our teammates
  • Our spectators
  • Our sponsors
  • Our families
  • Our coaches
  • Our officials
  • Our league
  • Our town
  • Ourselves




Our Commitment to the Code

We acknowledge and accept the specific responsibilities and actions that will demonstrate that respect.



As Coaches we commit to the following:

  • Share our passion for the sport of lacrosse and team sports in general
  • Provide a safe, structured, positive learning environment
  • Begin and end practices on time
  • Arrive to practices and games prepared and with a plan
  • Organize players for games and coach for success
  • Reward sincere effort with positive reinforcement
  • Promote physical fitness, mental acuity, and emotional tenacity
  • Underscore the importance of schoolwork
  • Serve as a positive role model
  • Accept that players are all different and respect their strengths and limitations
  • When detected, never allow bullying to continue
  • Ensure that both sidelines of the field are under control
  • Demonstrate true hospitality to opposing teams


As Players we commit to the following -

  • Upon arrival for practice, get prepared promptly and listen for a coach’s instruction
  • Be sure to bring all required equipment to practices and games, as well as water and possibly a snack
  • Endeavor to arrive rested, nourished, hydrated, and ready to exert yourself
  • Enter the practice or playing field only when properly equipped
  • Stay focused, attentive, and cooperative during practice
  • Absolutely no “smack talk”, cheap hits, ball hogging, or bullying
  • Run and jog during drills, do NOT walk
  • Find time to practice on your own between team practices
  • Treat opposing teams and game officials with respect
  • Show appreciation for all spectators who have come to watch you compete
  • Treat both team and personal lacrosse equipment with care and respect
  • Remember that you represent The Tribe both on and off the field
  • Acquire and demonstrate a knowledge of lacrosse
  • Strict adherence to the Truckee Tribe Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco and Vaping Policy


As Parents we commit to the following:

  • Ensure our players are at practice in time to get prepared and start promptly at the designated time
  • Pick-up players promptly at the end of practice
  • Ensure players arrive a full 1/2-hour prior to the designated game start time
  • Ensure players arrive with all equipment required to practice and/or play
  • Ensure that players arrive to both practices and games rested, hydrated, and fed
  • Ensure players have water and, if appropriate, nutritious snacks for games and practices
  • Encourage players to maintain a positive attitude
  • Encourage players to practice individually between team practices
  • Emphasize the mastery of skills over team victories or individual accolades
  • Facilitate players watching college and/or professional lacrosse games in-person, on TV, or online
  • Acquire a baseline understanding of lacrosse in order to share your player’s enthusiasm
  • Ensure equipment and uniforms are returned promptly and in good condition at the end of the season
  • Avoid “coaching” or shouting negative comments from the sidelines
  • Avoid forcing an unwilling player to participate
  • Encourage positive interaction with spectators from the opposing team
  • Applaud good play and acts of sportsmanship by both teams during a game