The Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club runs Boys and Girls youth lacrosse programs in Truckee, California.

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Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club est. 2012 / Philosophy

Context -

All organizations possess a culture. This culture influences decisions and guides actions.


In the best organizations, the culture is carefully and consciously cultivated, driven by a clearly articulated philosophy that is, at the very least, understood by all members.


That cultivation process may include activities, training, dress codes, slogans, graphics, or other cues that reinforce the tenets of the philosophy. In the case of the Truckee Tribe, one such cue is the phrase “Tribe Vibe”. While these words leave room for personal interpretation, they carry a critically important message: be conscious of the energy you project as a player, a parent, a coach, a spectator, or a member of your community.




The "Tribe Vibe" Philosophy -

To help align our personal interpretations of “Tribe Vibe”, the Truckee Tribe Lacrosse Club has adopted several guiding principles, beginning with a breakdown of the organization’s name:


Truckee:  We are contributors to, and representatives of, the Truckee, Eastern Placer and Nevada County communities. We should look for opportunities to improve our community from within and strive to project a positive image to those without.


Tribe:  As the “Tribe” name implies, our individual efforts should contribute to the overall organization’s well being. In turn, a strong organization is better equipped to serve its individual members.


Lacrosse:  The game is far bigger than the individual. We fully endorse the “Honor the Game” pledge promoted throughout our sport. And the historical and cultural significance of lacrosse should be observed and respected.


Club:  We are an organization with a purpose and with responsibilities. Our success depends on volunteer effort.


Life Lessons:  On the surface, our objective is to teach proper lacrosse. But at a deeper level, our goal is to teach life lessons in the process. That means the Truckee Tribe views its role as helping its players learn the relationship between effort and reward; how to make informed choices; the value of earning and showing respect; and the benefits of teamwork. 


Winning Focus:  Our emphasis is on doing our best. In sports, that means a sincere effort towards winning. Without that sincere effort, we do a disservice to lacrosse, our competitors, those who provide us the opportunity to play, and to ourselves. It also allows us to deal with our disappointment with losing by renewing our commitment to doing even better next time.


Sportsmanship:  Above all else, we play with a commitment to true sportsmanship. To compete by cheating; to display arrogance; to endanger others through unsafe play; to indulge in self-centered displays of either glory or failure; or any other form of disrespect is to deprive yourself of pride.


The Original 2012 team.