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Boys High School Team



  • In order to be eligible to play for the Gig Harbor Boys High School Lacrosse Team, the player must attend Gig Harbor High School or live within the Gig Harbor High School District and attend a high school that does not have a lacrosse team.
  • In order to participate in any field activity, players must have a US Lacrosse membership that is valid through the end of May. Membership can be obtained and renewed through
  • In order to participate in any field activity, players must complete the GHLA registration process. Players can register through our website
  • In order to participate in any field activity, players must be fully equipped (helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads (NOCSAE approved), arm pads, gloves, protective cup).

Varsity & JV Teams

  • When possible, we field two teams in the Spring Season, a Varsity team and a JV team. Ours is not a recreational program; both teams are competitive. Playing time is not guaranteed. The line-up and playing time will be based on the players’ demonstrated skill level and game IQ.

Registration & Fees:

  • Fall Ball: There is no fee for Fall Ball, but in order to participate, players must be fully registered with GHLA and have a valid US Lacrosse membership. Fall Ball is optional but strongly encouraged.
  • Spring Season:  The registration fee for the Spring season, 2022, is $425.00. 

Key Dates:

  • Oct. 1st: Registration opens.
  • 1st Friday in November: Fall Ball begins. Dates, times, and location(s) TBD, but expect 3 evenings/week (maybe Saturday mornings). Fall Ball is optional but strongly encouraged. Emphasis will be on developing the player and basic team concepts.
  • Dec. 1st: Orders & payments due for Team Uniforms.
  • 1st Saturday in December: Fall Ball ends.
  • Last Monday in January: After-School Conditioning Program begins. This is optional but strongly encouraged. Coordinated by team captains.
  • Last Monday in February: Spring season begins. Spring is our official season. Practices are usually Monday through Friday, 7-9 pm at either Gig Harbor High School or Peninsula High School. Games are usually weekday nights, coordinated through the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association. There may be an occasional Saturday practice/game.
  • Last weekend of May: Spring season ends.
  • NOTE Regarding Spring Break: Our league is not a “school” league. There is no Spring Break in our league, and we do not take a break. Players are expected to participate during their school’s Spring Break (we have students attending a few different schools). Absent players are subject to the team’s attendance policy.

Required Equipment & Apparel:

  • Players are responsible for purchasing their own equipment and uniforms. 
  • Sticks: Shafts & Heads must meet current NFHS standards. Players may use any brand, model, or color (we encourage head colors to be consistent with our team colors: White, Navy Blue, Carolina Blue).
  • Helmets: Helmets must be white, preferrably with a white face mask and white chin strap. 
  • Gloves: The main body of the glove should be white. If there are additional accent colors, they should be Navy blue and/or Carolina blue.
  • Uniform: The uniform consists of Home & Away jerseys, Home & Away shorts, practice pinny. Players new to the high school team will need to purchase the uniform through our team store. Returning players who need to replace or add pieces of their uniform will be able to do so through the team store.
  • Arm pads: Players are required to wear arm pads. Players may choose any arm pad they want; there are no official team arm pads.
  • Shoulder pads: Players are required to wear shoulder pads, and starting in 2022, these shoulder pads must meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard. There is no official team shoulder pad, so players may choose any brand, model, color.
  • Mouth guards & protective cups. Players must wear mouth guards and protective cups. Mouth guards may NOT be white or clear.

Optional Apparel:

  • Team jacket: Custom team jackets with the team logo and the player’s number will be available through our team store.
  • Gig Harbor Lacrosse Apparel: There is usally an opportunity for players, parents, and fans to purchase a variety of GHL apparel: Hats, T shirts, Hoodies, etc.


  • Website: Our primary source for sharing information and communicating to our parents and players is our website:
  • Email: Email is used to disseminate all important team information. When you register, please make sure to include emails and phone numbers for all players and parents.
  • Text: We also use a text system to communicate. We prefer that all players sign up for this system; parents are also welcome to sign up. The system is "" You can sign up for our "class" with this link
  • Calendar: The Boys High School team page on the website will provide a calendar for all team events (meetings, practices, games, etc.) If you have a question about when or where an event is, it should be on our team calendar.
  • Team App: Our website provider has an app, but I have experienced many glitches, so I do not recommend it. 
  • Social Media: We use these social media platforms:
    • @GigHarborLax
    • Instagram: gigharborlax




Questions can be directed to