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  1. Awards are to be given only under the auspices of the official program committee.
  2. Awards may include medallions (different colors may be used to signify finish in tournaments), ribbons, patches (which do not indicate finish position), trophies and certificates.
  3. Participation certificates are at the discretion of the particular program committee.


Team and individual photos by a commercial photographer are at the discretion of the particular program committee and may not be purchased with any organization funds.


Articles, stories, blogs in all media formats citing team statistics, team standing and/or team photos shall be referred to a member of that sport’s committee prior to publication. Articles may not highlight or showcase any individual player.


  1. Uniform matching accessories (i.e. stirrups, etc.) are permissible but not mandatory and must be sanctioned by the program committee.
  2. There may be no markings on uniforms except for names and numbers and those cannot be mandatory.
  3. Uniform markings signifying individual performance (i.e. helmet stickers, etc.) are not permitted.
  4. Travel team uniforms shall consist of the basic uniform required to play and accessories such as team jackets; equipment bags are optional at the discretion of the participant. Such optional accessory items may not be purchased with any organization funds.


  1. Sponsors for all teams may only be centrally solicited through the program committee. This includes travel teams. All types of fund raising are subject to approval by the WYB Executive Board.
  2. Supplementary team fund raising efforts including raffles must be specifically approved by the WYB Executive Board and must require financial accounting of all expenditure and receipts.

Special Skill Instruction

Special skill instruction or coaching must be open to all program participants.