Davis AquaStarz Synchronized Swimming Team Website


The AquaStarz team competes in the Valley Foothill Competitive Aquatic League (VFCAL). Not all of the AquaStarz swimmers compete, but the team attempts to give as many swimmers the opportunity as possible. All swimmers, regardless of whether they participate in meets, will learn a routine and perform at the annual AquaStarz Show in July.

The league includes five VFCAL synchronized swimming teams:

Auburn Mermaids
Cordova Cordettes
Davis AquaStarz
FEC Stingrays
Sunrise Swans

AquaStarz swimmers compete in four Dual Meets and the Championships Meet (Champs). Dual Meets are competitions between two teams and take place on weekday evenings. Champs involves all 5 VFCAL teams and occurs over a 2-day period on the third weekend in July. All meets take place in the greater Sacramento region.

During these meets, swimmers can compete in figures and routines. Figures are brief combinations of basic compulsory movements that all swimmers must learn in order to compete in synchronized swimming. These movements are performed in front of a panel of 5 league-trained, volunteer parent judges. The judges score swimmers on a 1-10 scale on 4 figures. Scores are combined to place swimmers within their age group. Routines are set to music and provide swimmers the chance to not only show their technical skill, but to perform.Routines are scored on various elements and are given a cumulative score on a 10 point scale.

Champs is an opportunity for swimmers to showcase what they've worked on all summer. Novice swimmers ages 10 and older have the opportunity to advance to the intermediate level by placing in one of the top eight figure positions in their age group (top six in the 9-10 age group). To quality for Champs figures competition, swimmers must compete in figures at two of the four dual meets. No qualifying placement is required, only participation. Each team is allowed to register 40 figures swimmers and 12 routines to compete at Champs. 

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