Welcome to the Creekwood Athletic Booster Club (CABC) website. Here you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, standings, directions, and much more!

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             CABC Board and Committee Chairs Roles and Responsibilities                 

Executive Board Roles and Responsibilities

President - Communicates with Principal, coaches, managers and committee chair members.  Initiates and
oversees the monthly meeting to discuss and plan upcoming events.  Helps to ensure that the Booster
Club is in compliance with rules and regulations regarding UIL, 501(c)(3), HISD, State Comptrollers, and IRS.

Vice President - Assists President in all duties.  Maintains the Creekwood Athletics website and works with the President, Coaches and Committee Members on organizing and update the website as need; oversees the activities of the Nominating Committee.

Secretary/Parliamentarian- Records minutes of all Booster Club meetings.  Sends minutes, via email, to CABC Board and ensures hard copy minutes is placed in CABC notebook in CMS front office, thus accessible to all CMS Athletic parents.  Ensures the start of all CABC Board meeting includes a vote to officially accept last months' minutes.  Assist First Vice President with Purchase Requests.  Ensures that the by-laws are followed.  Recommends changes to the by-laws, if necessary.  Keeps history of all club functions.  Ensures the CABC meetings run efficiently and effectively. 

Treasurer - Annual Tasks - Collects money from chair people.   Counts, records, and makes bank deposits.
Keeps accounts up to date.  Provides monthly balance sheet to the board.  Prepares a proposed budget for
the upcoming school year (this is usually done by the Treasurer, President, and Athletic Directors).  Files the
yearly tax return and any internal HISD audit reports required.

Committee Chairs Roles and Responsibilities

Boys and Girls 7th and 8th Grade Managers - The four team managers act as liaisons between coaches and parents for their respective group. Team managers communicate with parents and athletes regarding athletic news through email and text, work with Vice President to coordinate website information, arrange for someone to take photos for each sport and coordinates with CMS yearbook staff, work with athletic banquet chairs to assist with volunteers, photos and distribution of information to parents and kids, works with coaches to coordinate the athletic packets that go out in the spring.

Hospitality &  Concessions Work.s with a local vendor to provide food and drinks to athletes and ensure that each game is covered for setup, sales, and cleanup, coordinates hospitality food and drinks for CMS tournaments and CMS-hosted track meets.  Coordinates concession stand inventory and volunteers

Merchandise - Assists coaches with purchase requests; coordinates ordering and distribution of all athletic merchandise. Works with coaches on t-shirt schedule, design, ordering, fee collection, and distribution.

Sponsorship - Coordinates all aspects of CABC Sponsorship Plan; help define "Levels of Giving"; ensure sponsors receive their incentive rewards; work with Website to highlight sponsors.

Girls/Boys Athletic Banquet - Works with coaches to organize and plan the athletic banquets, including the decide date, time, place and menu, coordinate with team managers for volunteers and donations, prepare and distribute invitations, coordinate setup and cleanup.