The MOM-APPROVED sports camp that kids love. Located at Lincolnwood School in Evanston, IL.


What We Do

At GoodSports, we emphasize tolerance and stress inclusion. Staff will direct your child's energy and enthusiasm through a multifaceted sports program, allowing the child to develop athletic skills based on individual interests, talent and level of ability. Developing new skills means taking risks and making mistakes. By taking the emphasis away from competition and winning, we create a safe environment that affords kids the opportunity to try learned skills and feel ok about making mistakes. By trying new skills they can develop confidence and discover which sport or activity they like the best and excel in. Through basic instruction in a variety of sports followed by scrimmages and team activities, each child can advance at their own pace, developing their confidence and skill level while enjoying the positive aspects of sports such as fun, camaraderie, and fitness. Join us this summer at GoodSports!

Our Staff

We take pride in the quality of our amazing staff. Half of our staff counselors are currently teaching professionals with and average 15 years of experience. Most of our high school staff and college counselors are former GoodSports campers themselves! Because many of the staff are GoodSports veterans, either as campers, coaches or counselors, they are committed to our philosophy of fun and fitness through individual advancement.




Our Philosophy

Exercise is a key ingredient in overall health. Sports and team participation are excellent methods to get that physical activity, and more importantly it gives kids the opportunity to develop important social skills that they will use throughout their lives. We utilize athletics as a vehicle to learn to be a good sport which promotes a healthy, well-adjusted lifestyle. We achieve this by taking the focus away from competition/winning and create an environment where sports are fun. Fair play, encouraging and cheering for teammates, doing your best, respecting opponents and authority are important skills for learning to work and cooperate with others.

Fun & Games

At GoodSports! your child is exposed to a well rounded variety of sports and activities aimed at developing a wide range of skills and abilities. Campers in grades K through 8 follow a daily schedule of rotating sports instruction, games and fun activities including baseball, basketball, floor hockey, cardio shadow boxing, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, mini-golf, pickleball and more!