Poway CA Women's Soccer League for Ages 30+ Adult Soccer Women Play Soccer North County San Diego Hilleary Park

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Welcome to the New Players page! Team managers are always looking for experienced soccer women to join the league and we now have BEGINNER TRAINING SESSIONS on Saturdays during our season.

-- (League Teams) Will you be at least 30 years old by January 1st of the season's year? (There are 2 spots per team for women aged 25-29, so you can still submit a pofile if you are 25+.) REGISTER HERE

-- (Training Games) Are you new to the sport? Returning to soccer after a break? Need additional skills training? REGISTER HERE


The North County Women's Soccer Association offers women of all skill levels the opportunity to have fun and stay fit on the pitch with FIFA rules, professional referees, convenient playing times, and well-maintained fields in the City of Poway. We play on Saturdays from late January into early June.

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