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Kaneland Travel Baseball

Coach’s Guidelines / Expectations

COACHES are expected to:

  • Be committed.  You should be constantly striving to make your team better, to make practices better, and make yourself a better coach.  Teach what you know, allow someone more knowledgeable to coach different aspects of the game.  Don’t feel like you have to teach everything, delegate those things among your staff. 
  • Display good sportsmanship at all times.  It is your responsibility and that of the coaching staff to help reinforce this characteristic in our players along with commitment, courage, determination, discipline, loyalty and teamwork.  Being a positive role model will reflect greatly on you as a coach and your team will mirror the way that you act.
  • Be consistent.  Try to be as fair and consistent with the kids as possible.  This doesn’t necessarily mean equal playing time.  This is true with positive and negative reinforcement as well.
  • Communicate!! Communication with your players and parents is an integral part of your success as a coach.  Keeping parents well-informed will make your job a lot easier.
  • Reach Out!!  If you need help, or assistance with something, please ask.  Ask a parent, ask a league rep, ask someone.  There are many people involved and willing to help, one person cannot do everything and they are not expected to do everything, so please do not put that burden on yourself. 
  • Use GAMECHANGER.  This is a directive of the board this year.  We will be using the accumulated stats during evaluations next year to appropriately place players during the selection process.  It also offers parents a chance to see the game live when they are not there. 
  • Get people excited and involved.  You will be asked to do some fundraising and many other things will come up where help will be needed.  This is a part of growing together and doing things as a team.  Understand that without fundraising and parent involvement a lot of the “extra” things won’t be achievable for all.

If at any point during the season you need to reach out with concerns, please see your league representative for your age level.