How to Reserve Your Practice Slot

Here at Florida Hockey Center, we utilize a reservation system to allow you the flexability to reserve your practice time slot.  The purpose for this is to open up more time availability to you and to lower our staffing costs.  Instead of what the normal ice rinks do and give you either a 6 am - 8 am stick n puck or a 3 pm to 5 pm stick n puck, we open up our hours including the weekday evenings and weekends, when all other ice rinks facilities are closed for practices.  The reason these other ice rinks are closed is due to travel hockey practices, figure skating practices, league games, etc...

Our facility was designed for PARENTS to give them an affordable and practical location for ice hockey training.  We include pucks, stick handling obsticles "sweet hands", regulation hockey nets, pond hockey goals, pass-master triangle, cones for skating and puck handling, wifi for ipads/iphones and other video devices, locker rooms and a comfortable setting.

Our reserved slots are for 1 hour and we do not overcrowd the rink, there's a maximum of 8 total participants at a time.

We have a low rate of only $15 for our ice slots, let us know when your coming and we will set things up for you.