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Team Make-up / Residency Requirements

A team is a “RECREATION TEAM," if it is in an intraclub or interclub league, where the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting, or any similar process to roster players based on talent is prohibited; the league accepts all eligible participants; and a system is used to establish a fair distribution of playing talent among all teams. The recreation league may allow competitive events such as ‘All-Star’ games, ‘Meets’, tournaments, or scrimmages.


Teams which do not meet the definition of a "recreational team" will be considered a "travel (or select) team.”


  1. The minimum age league that WYB travel or select teams can compete in is U8.

  2. The minimum age for all participants in WYB travel sports shall be seven years old at the time of the first game of the season, except that participation in our Gymnastics program is dictated by skill, not age.

  3. The number of travel teams, the selection process, and coaches shall be defined by the program committee and reviewed by the Board of Directors.

  4. Program Directors, Coaches, and Trainers who are compensated must have their compensation arrangements reviewed by the Board of Directors   

  5. Tryouts for all travel teams are open based on participation eligibility.

  6. Programs for new age groups need the approval of a majority of the full board before beginning operation.

  7. Any exceptions to this policy need to be voted on by the Board of Directors and approved by a majority of the Board.

  8. The name and programming of each Recreation, Travel, or Select program must be reviewed by the Board of Directors.


Special skill instruction or coaching must be open to all program participants.

Residency Requirements


  1. All recreational teams shall be comprised of residents of the Worthington Local School District or students who attend schools within the Worthington School District.  

  2. All Travel and Select sports are exempt from the requirement 1. The Program Director for each Travel sport must provide the Board of Directors the names and addresses of those persons cut by their coaches when out of district players are used and submit a full roster of all teams on or before the Board Meeting prior to the start of their competitive season.  The exception to this is that WYB Travel Soccer is required to submit a full roster for each team by November 1 and May 1 of each year.


  1. Each Travel or Select Program shall be comprised of a minimum of 60% Worthington Residents.  The WYB Director for each Travel program must provide the residency report by team prior to the start of their competitive season. High school teams are subject to OHSAA rules therefore, these teams are exempt from the 60% requirement.  Any travel program or team that is made up of less than 75% Worthington School District residents will be subject to Non-Resident Fees


Travel sports will be subject to an annual review or audit.  Sports that are "out of compliance" with WYB Policies are subject to a review by the Executive Board. If appropriate, sports will be penalized, which in extreme cases can include being removed from WYB.