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MYL Speed, Strength, and Agility Program at APECS Gym. 

Registration + Speed, Strength, and Agility Program ($195 + $50 = $245)

We will build a positive, team-first/team-building environment.

 Lacrosse Players will learn:

  • Proper callisthenic and movement technique and exercise progressions
    • Proper Pushup, Body Squat, Lunge, Mountain Climber, Burpee, Chin-up, and Prone/Side Plank technique and progressions
    • Proper running, jumping, and cutting technique drills and progressions
    •  Structural balance oriented strength training technique for basic movement pattern exercises
  • Athletic based training sessions including:
    • Proper total body warm up
      • Prehab/injury prevention exercises
      • Core Warm-up exercises
    • Structural Balance strength training technique
    • Speed, Agility, and Acceleration drills
    • Functional strength exercises including pushing and dragging sleds, asymmetrical object loading and carrying, sandpit training


  • for age divisions U11, U13, and U15
  • 1 session per week per age division
  • max 15 athletes per session
  • 60 minutes per session
  • 10 Sessions starting in January 2018


  • APECS Medway: 273 Village Street, Medway Ma 02053

Sessions will be:

  • Overseen by head APECS strength Coach Jason Shea C.S.C.S and run by Jason or one of APEC’s certified strength coaches. Jason is one of less than 10 PICP Level IV Certified International Strength Coaches in the U.S. He serves as the Massachusetts Municipal Police Statewide Health and Wellness Coordinator as well as lecturer, advisor, and consultant to various teams, towns and organizations throughout the state. Through his 15-year tenure at APECS and 20+ years as a strength coach, he has worked with thousands of athletes and teams, including over 20 state title teams, dozens of individual state champions, all state athletes, and high school and college All-Americans in nearly all sports.