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Our coaches are an essential part of our Organization.  Not only do they provide our kids the teaching and skill development on the field, they also act as role models to help them develop into young adults.  That is why we look for quality individuals to coach and teach at each team level.  All coaches are screened through mandated background checks prior to the start of the season, and each head coach must be Level I US Lacrosse certified in coaching.  

Many of our coaches have played high school, college lacrosse, and often remain involved in adult leagues in the area.  We strive to pair Parent Field Assistants with each coach to not only assist in coaching duties but also to provide our coaches with a parents perspective on the team and game. 

2022 Coaches




John Tucker-Head Coach


Jason Kopp-Assistant Coach

"You just can't beat the person who never gives up" -Babe Ruth.

Jason joined our coaching staff for the Spring 2022 season. Jason has never played lacrosse officially but did participate in a Parents VS Players game for the True Lacrosse Baltimore team at the USA Lacrosse Headquarters. After this game, Jason not only was hurt and sore but developed a great respect for all lacrosse players who dedicate their time multiple days during the week. This experience encouraged Jason to be more active in our community and the youth lacrosse league. Jason's son, Ian, has played lacrosse with our club for approximately four years and is currently playing on the U14 team.  When Jason is not coaching our kids, he is working full-time as an IT Project Manager.
Jason's favorite thing about coaching lacrosse is "encouraging kids to get better at a sport that they LOVE and sharing the history of the game."

Manolo Galinanes-Field Assistant




Jai Wood-Head Coach

"Take the Shot!"

My name is Jai wood, and I started off playing lacrosse in Summit, NJ, where I played in the lacrosse club for grades 8th and 9th. Eventually, I moved on to play lacrosse for Summit High School for grades 10th, 11th, and 12th. After graduation, I went on to play lacrosse at Delaware Valley University, plus I played lacrosse for a club in Doylestown, PA. I also coached 9th-grade lacrosse in Summit, NJ for two years. 
This is my first year coaching lacrosse with Chambersburg youth, but I plan on coaching for many more years. My favorite thing about coaching lacrosse is teaching the kids to learn and love the game. I am a coach to my core. I also coach the Jr Trojans in football. I love to watch the kids develop into great players and even better humans. My favorite quote to my kids is "TAKE THE SHOT!" and "GO TROJANS!"
Outside of coaching, I work for Manitowoc/Grove as a Material Specialist and have been there for about four years. Before working for Grove, I was a roofer for most of my career. At the beginning of my adult career, I was an elementary teacher. That led me to coach, and I have loved it ever since. 


Phil Watkins-Assistant Coach

"An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough"

Coach Phil might seem quiet but brings humor and a positive attitude to the U12 team. This is Phil's first year coaching lacrosse, but one would never know that he never played.  He's no stranger to the organization though because he's watched his son, Parker, grow within our club for the last 3 years. Before Phil coached lacrosse, he spent 3 years coaching soccer at Hamilton Height Elementary. Phil's motivation for coaching is being able to get kids out on the field, to be active, and watch them make new friends. 

Outside of coaching, Phil is a family man and works full time as a truck driver. 




Brandin Cosey-Head Coach


Bryce Schaeffer-Assistant Coach