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At Maplewood Lacrosse Club, player safety is our number one priority. This statement is provided
to emphasize the importance of parent responsibility for annual physical evaluations from your
child’s physician to ensure their fitness for play.

MLC strongly recommends completing regularly scheduled athlete screenings, including baseline
concussion testing and EKG cardiac screenings. RWJ Barnabas Health offers local, low-cost screenings
with a doctor’s prescription.

MLC coaches are required to complete CDC Online Heads Up concussion training to help recognize
the signs and symptoms of player concussions. Players showing signs of any injury—head or otherwise—
will be removed from the field for assessment as a precaution. Please do not argue with coaches or officials
if your child has been removed from a game or practice for safety reasons.

Please follow your doctor’s advice with respect to recommended tests and referrals, as well as follow-up care
in the event of injury.

Note that registration requires agreement to the following waiver, copied here for reference.



Player desires to participate in the Maplewood Lacrosse Club ("MLC") and understands that lacrosse
is a contact sport where physical or bodily injury may be sustained. Player hereby waives any and all claims
that he/she may bring against MLC by virtue of physical or bodily injury sustained which arises from a
MLC Clinic, practice, game and/or tournament. To the fullest extent permitted by law, player shall indemnify
and hold harmless MLC, its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses, attorney fees
and expenses arising out of or resulting from physical or bodily injury sustained by a player when participating
in a clinic, practice, game or tournament including, but not limited to, a player’s negligent, willful, wanton or
intentional conduct and also specifically including the negligence of MLC, its agents or employees. 

My child has received an annual physical examination by a licensed physician and does not present apparent
clinical contraindications to participate in MLC programs. I grant the Maplewood Lacrosse Club the permission
to act as a surrogate for my child in the area of obtaining medical treatment by a doctor of medicine
or dentistry. I also assume the financial responsibility for any medical treatment of my child.