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Byron Optimist Soccer Club promotes and develops the game of soccer within our community to support player technical skill development and an overall love for the game.


The Club is seeking staff coaches to assist with the long term player development of our youth competitive and house league players. Our staff coaches will work with the Club’s Technical Director and coaches to provide technical leadership and guidance to players within our various development programs.


The staff coach may also be appointed to be head coach of any of the Club’s competitive teams, will act as a coach mentor for the Club’s soccer programs or be assigned to any other coaching positions which become available that fits the skills and experiences of the candidate.


This is a contract position. Hours for this role are part time depending on specific duties. Candidates are paid on an hourly basis.


General Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Club’s Technical Director on the implementation of the Club’s Technical Development Plan to provide technical leadership and direction to the players within the various stages of the player development pathway.

  • Act as head coach for any of the club’s competitive teams as needed and determined by the Club

  • Work with the Club’s competitive and house league coaches to plan and conduct soccer training sessions which are commensurate with the level of the participants

  • Attend and participate in coaching workshops, meetings, training and planning sessions

  • Assist all members of the Club’s technical teams with the implementation of all other aspects related to player and coach development


Coach Development Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Technical Director in the implementation of an overall coach development program. The focus is to develop various levels of coaching expertise to support all player programs.

  • Assist the Technical Director in the development and creation manuals and tools as required

  • Lead development opportunities for Club’s coaches

  • Assist in training, mentorship and support of the Club’s coaches

  • Help maintain a technical resource library for the Club’s coaches

  • Participate in team building opportunities for coaches

  • Act as technical advisors to the Club’s coaches


Player Development Responsibilities:

  • Assist with technical development of the Club’s players fostering technical excellence in accordance with OSA, CSA, and guidelines

  • Deliver programs and development opportunities to support model

  • Source technical development resources and offer age appropriate skills training sessions to foster player development


Specific Skills:

  • Previous playing experience at University varsity level or equivalent

  • Experience in delivery of technical training in a soccer association

  • Knowledge of soccer associations and leagues

  • Knowledge of Youth Development and Learning models

  • Provincial Pre-B coaching license or equivalent preferred


General Skills:

  • Ability to mentor

  • Coaching skills

  • Verbal and written communication skills

  • Proactive problem solving skills

  • Decision making ability

  • Negotiating skills

  • Organizational skills



Interested candidates should send resume to