Southern Utah Lacrosse

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All equipment used to play lacrosse must be for lacrosse except for cleats, mouth guards, and protective cups for boys. 


Lacrosse Stick Length: 

The length of the crosse/lacrosse stick varies depending on position of the player and age group. SNLA generally follows the US Lacrosse Rules. However for Youth Lacrosse especially in the younger age groups there may be some variances.



Lacrosse players can wear cleats that are made for football and soccer in addition to those made for lacrosse. Selection for lacrosse cleats are small for younger players with sizes smaller than Men's six. Your best best is to go to a store with a large cleat selection or to order them through an online store.


Generally speaking, like many other sports equipment, the products with better quality (lighter or more durable) tend to be more expensive. We have listed all the required equipment in the list below with a typical range for price. For beginners, shop for a beginner set that is more economical than buying equipment individually.


Loaner and Rental Gear

SULAX will provide loaner sticks for use during club clinics and during school PE clinics held by SULAX. In addition, some rental equipment is available for new players.

  • SULAX will have rental helmets available in limited supply for $40 for the Spring season. Availability will be on a first come first serve basis with first time players having the option to rent before returning players. Inquire with the to get more details on what we have available.


To ensure a proper fit of all your player's equipment, please review the "EQUIPMENT FITTING GUIDE" by visiting US Lacrosse's resource pages.

Popular Websites and Retailers
Most sites have clearance sections with great discounts on discontinuing items.
While sizes are often limited a little research can save a substantial amount of money.
Sizing information is generally available on each site.

Dick's Sporting Goods (Local Retailer)
Tribal West (SLC Retailer)

Lacrosse Monkey
Sport Stop
Lax World


Helpful Equipment Videos

Player Equipment Information


Well Known Brands

Some of the well known brands in lacrosse are Brine, Warrior, Stx, and DeBeer/Gait.

For helmets, Cascade, Gait, Brine, and Riddell are recognized leaders.