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Through a new partnership between the NCJLA and LaxBytes.com, High School and A-Level rankings will be calculated through a Ratings Percentage Index (RPI).  The NCJLA uses an RPI that considers the team's winning percentage, the team's strength of schedule based on the winning percentage of their opponents, and the team's strength of schedule based on the winning percentages of opponents once-removed: teams played by the team's opponents. You can find more information about statistics and standings calculations in the NCJLA Operations Guide section 20.

The RPI assigns a weight of 25 percent for the first criterion, 50 percent for the second, and 25 percent for the third, and then sums these products.  Starting with the 2018 season, the NCJLA will be providing results based on LaxBytes calculations.
Scores must be entered within 48 hours of the game time. Weekly standings will be delayed until all games have scores posted. Home and away teams should enter their final scores. Scores not entered by noon Thursday may result in a 1-0 forfeit win for the home team.
For more information about playoff seedings and year-end tournament protocols, click here