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The core values of a team or organization are those values that we hold firm, forming the foundation from which we perform and conduct ourselves. There are all sorts of behaviors, attitudes and characteristics that have value, but some of them are so primary to our daily routines that we refer to them as CORE VALUES. These values guide the business we conduct. In an ever changing world and society CORE VALUES remain constant. These are values by which we abide, by which we lead our lives. CORE VALUES help to articulate what we stand for and what we strive to uphold.

CORE VALUES dictate how we interact with and treat others. They govern our personal relationships. They guide us on how to teach, as well as how and when to reward. They identify the boundaries of our existence giving shape and meaning to our actions and behaviors.  CORE VALUES are the basic elements of how we go about our daily routines. CORE VALUES guide (or should guide) us in making decisions daily by establishing the non-negotiable benchmarks or expectations and performance that give meaning to our existence.

Caring: Players care about their experience in the program, and that of those around them. This means we encourage student athletes to “pick-up” players who have had a bad day, or challenge players around them who may not be working as hard as they are capable. Being caring means that players value their teammates and help them perform their best.  

Commitment: We show that we value commitment to our team in many ways. Each and every player on this team has a role. Understanding, accepting your role and fulfilling it to the best of your ability demonstrates commitment to your team. Encouraging motivating your teammates to master their roles is an indication of a level of commitment to our team and our CORE VALUES. Any time you work on individual skills like wall ball, shooting, long passing, or working your stance in goal, you are demonstrating a level of commitment that you are part of something bigger than you. You are showing an acceptance that in order for us to be the best we can be you will have to continually improve and challenge yourself.

Collaboration: Players demonstrate their ability to work well with others. Players maintain positive interactions with teammates, coaches, faculty, and peers which lead to productive working relationships.