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The Rocklin Youth Lacrosse Club is powered by parent volunteers.  In order for the club to exist and be successful, we require parent volunteer hours on behalf of each player.  Because the players can only play when we cover the required shifts for every game, each family will be required to volunteer for these shifts during some of the games. The roles are not complicated, anyone can do them, and a short training will be provided for the parents volunteering for each role. 
During the online registration process, you will rank the parent volunteer roles in order of preference. Once team rosters are finalized, the Club’s volunteer coordinator will notify you of the position to which you have been assigned. The volunteer coordinator will attempt to give you your top choice of position, but this will depend on every role being covered.
Please take a moment to read each of the job descriptions below before starting online registration so you are familiar with the expectations.
Team Manager
  1. Team game/volunteer reminders and info emails
  2. Solicitation/Assignment of Volunteers for games/events
  3. Confirmation of Referees/Coaches for home games
  4. Coordination of Game Box/Table/Chairs for home games

Social Event Coordinator
At a minimum, put together a team bonding activity at the beginning of the season and plan an end of season gathering. We have found that when players spend time together outside of practice/games, they seem to play better as a unit.  
Field Painter
Repaint existing field lines to keep lines crisp. This job needs to be done weekly but can be shared by multiple volunteers. The painting can occur at times convenient to the volunteer; however, painting cannot be done during games/practice.

Sideline Manager (needed for all home and away games)
A position you can do while cheering on your a beautiful orange vest!  Sideline Manager is responsible for ensuring the spectators and fans support the athletes, coaches and officials in a positive manner and refrain from unsportsmanlike behavior. If necessary, you would notify an unruly fan or spectator that unsportsmanlike behavior may lead to ejection and/or a game cancelation by the officials.  In the rare instance that further contact with an unruly fan or spectator is needed, this can be handled by a game official.  There should be a Sideline Manager from the opposing team as well.  When Rocklin is the home team, the Sideline Manager is also responsible for placing balls on the end and side lines right before the game, replacing them at half time, and collecting them at the end of the game.  Final additional task for home games is to ensure children are not playing in unsafe areas where they may get hit by a stray shot.

Score Keeper (home games only)
Sit at the game table, keep track of scoring, penalties, etc.  Training available.
Timekeeper (home games only)
Sit at the game table, keep track of the time left in each quarter as well as any penalties being served.  Training available.
Away Game Table Support (Girls only)
2 people from each team are required to be at the table for each girl’s game, including away games.  Home game score/clock positions are posted separately.