We Are Chesterfield Little League. We are associated with Little League International. We offer Baseball, Softball & T-Ball in Chesterfield, VA


Chesterfield Little League Boundary Map


NOTE:  In 2015, Little League will allow your player to play for CLL if the school they attend is located within our boundaries even though your residence is outside of it.


Northern most boundary starts at the intersection of Hull Street Road (Rt. 360) and proceeds south on Chippenham Parkway (Rt. 150) until it intersects Belmont Road (Rt. 651); proceed south on Belmont (Rt. 651) until it intersects Courthouse Road (Rt. 604); proceed southeast on Courthouse Road (Rt. 604) until it intersects Newby's Bridge Road (Rt. 651); proceed southwest on Newby's Bridge Road until it intersects Qualla Road (Rt. 653); proceed south on Qualla Road (Rt. 653) until it intersects Spring Run Road (Rt. 654); (NOTE: For Newby's Bridge, Qualla and Spring Run Roads, houses on both sides of the road will be considered Chesterfield Little League) proceed south on Spring Run Road (Rt. 654) until it intersects Beach Road (Rt. 655); proceed west on Beach Road (Rt. 655) until it intersects Bundle Road (Rt. 654); proceed south on Bundle Road (Rt. 654) until it intersects River Road (Rt. 602); from the point where Bundle and River Roads meet, the dividing line will head due south geographically to the Chesterfield / Dinwiddie County line; follow the Chesterfield County line as it moves northwest (Dinwiddie County, Amelia County and Powhatan County) to the intersection of Route 604 (Genito Road); East on Route 604 to Route 667 (Otterdale Road); North along Route 667 to Route 652 (Old Hundred Road); Southeast on Route 652 to Powhite Parkway continuing East to Route 653 (Courthouse Road); proceed south on Courthouse Road (Rt. 653) until it intersects Providence Road (Rt. 678); proceed east on Providence Road (Rt. 678) until it intersects Hicks Road (Rt. 647); proceed south on Hicks Road (Rt. 647) until it intersects Hull Street Road (Rt. 360); proceed east on Hull Street Road (Rt. 360) until it intersects Chippenham Parkway (Rt. 150).