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Club Documents                                                                                    


NBLC By-Laws


  • Northern Burlington Lacrosse Club official By-Laws, adopted 3/2/2014

NBLC Code Of Conduct

  • Northern Burlington Lacrosse Club official Code of Conduct.  Electronically accepted by all members during registration.


NBLC Grievance Form

  • Northern Burlington Lacrosse Club official Grievance Form & Filing Procedures. 


SJYLAX Boys' Pocket Rule Guide

A SJYLAX reference rule guide for boys' coaches coverering common misinturpeted league rules for all divisions, timekeeper guidelines, penalty guidelines, common referee calls and important information pertaing to the SJYLAX League.

For best results, expand the Guide to full screen and print the Guide on a color printer capable of printing on both sides of each sheet with the below options on standard 8.5” x 11” paper:

  • Select Booklet under Page Sizing & Handling
  • Select Both sides from the Booklet subset dropdown
  • Select Check Box for Auto-rotate pages within each sheet

After printing the Guide, fold the printout in half and staple in center.


CDC Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of our young athletes, the Northern Burlington Lacrosse Club coaches are certified through the CDC Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports Program.  As part of this initiative, important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion is also offer to parents and athletes involved in youth sports to increase awareness.  Please see the following:
Information for Players
Information for Parents