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QCMBL Executive


  • Chair meetings
  • Be one of two/ three co-signers for bank account
  • Represent QCMBL at Sask. Lacrosse functions
  • Represent QCMBL at functions
  • Be contact person when others not available.
  • Oversee work of executive / committees
  • Cast tie-breaking vote on QCMBL business
  • Maintain communication with other lacrosse organizations on behalf of the QCMBL

Vice President

  • Assist chairman as required
  • Chair meetings when President is not available
  • Represent QCMBL at meetings.
  • Be one of two/three co-signers for bank account.
  • Head committee work on special projects
  • Work with Treasurer to develop budgets
  • Work with registration data, schedule, chief official to review game/rink requirements
  • Obtain informationon rental agreements
  • Book facilities
  • QCMBL contact with the various facilites being used​


  • Record and distribute the minutes of all meetings.
  • Maintain files of all correspondence, and documents distributed by QCMBL.
  • Maintain files of all correspondence received from SLA
  • Book meetings
  • Prepare, distribute, and receive correspondence on behalf of QCMBL.
  • Submit paperwork for MAP funding


  • Maintain banking records suitable for auditing, including receipts to verify transactions.
  • Be one of two / three co-signers for bank account.
  • Prepare regular financial statements for the President, Executive, and Sask. Lacrosse.
  • Assist in the collection and deposit of all funds received.
  • Write cheques / make payment for all expenses.
  • Ensure timely payment of annual bills – Corporations Renewal, insurance, storage
  • Maintain files of previous years financial activity.
  • Prepare, or assist accountant, with Corporate /GST / Income Tax statements as required.
  • Work with Vice President to develop budgets

Past President

  • Provide guidance and experience to executive.
  • Chair meetings when President and Vice President are not available
  • Represent QCMBL at Sask. Lacrosse functions when requested by executive.
  • Represent QCMBL at functions when requested by executive
  • Provide liaison with outside groups and assist in transfer of contact to new executive



  • Prepare registration material
  • Co-ordinate registration night(s)
  • Receive registrations and issue receipts for fees collected
  • Sort registrations by division for use others(Scheduler, Facilities, Equipment, Chief Official)
  • Assembly league / teams / coaches / players / referees registrations
  • Work with treasurer to submit registration documents and funding to Sask. Lacrosse.
  • Receive late registrations and advise Sask. Lacrosse of all changes

Division Directors

  • Communicate and assist team coaches and managers with any league affairs
  • Communicate and conduct the Provincial Draft to Coaches and Managers
  • Work as the liaison between coaches and managers and the league Executive
  • Conduct medal ceremony's at QCMBL tournaments and League playoffs

Director of Coaching

  • Assist in the recruitment of coaches
  • Assist in the organization of the Coaches Clinics 
  • Be a resource person with the coaches
  • Arrange for coaches to obtain necessary instruction / coaching classes are required to be meet certification
  • Conduct meetings with Coaches to review QCMBL expectations and resolve issues as they develop.
  • Be liaison between coaches and executive
  • Work with the Discipline Representative and Chief Official to resolve issues relating to conduct of behaviour and interpretation of rules.
  • Collect player evaluation forms
  • Assist treasurer to develop coaches training budget for the following year.

Director of Suspensions

  • Receive game sheets with major infractions
  • Conduct meetings to determine applicable suspensions
  • Advise coaches of disciplinary actions
  • Review game sheets to follow up on suspensions served and any general trends
  • Work with Chief Official and Coaching Representative to document and enforce disciplinary actions required of coaches / players / referees.

Awards and Recognition


  • Facilitate all league correspondence by way of email and/or social media

Equipment Manager

  • Maintain inventory of equipment / sweaters
  • Monitor condition of equipment / sweaters. Arrange for repairs as required.
  • Ensure equipment available to meet team requirements
  • Recommend to executive on the purchase / replacement of equipment / sweaters to meet registrations requirements
  • Verify receipts of all equipment purchased and forward to the treasurer for payment
  • Co-ordinated storage of equipment / sweaters in the off-season
  • Assist treasurer to develop an equipment budget for the following year.​
  • Marketing Chairperson
  • Recruit volunteers to assist in marketing activities
  • Assist Registrar in the development and distribution of registrations and promotional material
  • Co-ordinate fund-raising / corporate sponsorship
  • Co-ordinate advertising and media releases
  • Chair committee for “Celebrity Challenge”
  • Assist treasurer to develop Sponsorship / Fund-raising budget for the following year.
  • Assist executive to ensure corporate sponsors are duly recognized for their contributions

Referee In Chief

  • Recruit and provide training opportunities for referees
  • Monitor development of referees.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the referees to discuss ongoing events ( scheduling, rules,
  • game conditions, other issues)
  • Be liaison between referees and executive
  • Work with the Coaching representative to resolve issues relating to the conduct of behaviour and interpretations of rules.
  • Work with Discipline and Coaching Representative to document and enforce disciplinary actions required of coaches / players / referees.
  • Prepare year-end summary of referee receipts for treasurer.
  • Assist treasurer to develop a referee budget for the following year.

Referee Scheduler

  • Schedule game officials
  • Work with registration data, Chief Official, Facilities to review game / rink requirements
  • Co-ordinate mutual scheduling requirements with Field Lacrosse.
  • Develop and distribute schedule of league games
  • Develop and distribute schedule of playoff games
  • Work with Facilities to re-schedule changes to suit special rink / team commitments
  • Maintain schedule of outdoor rink rental
  • Verify receipts of all rink rentals and forward to the treasurer for payment

Web Site Operator

  • Maintain web and Social Media sites
  • Assist secretary in the distribution of information via the internet /web page
  • Update statistics and league information on the web site as required.